Comfort, poethic and progressive products for fine dining restaurants by Jens Fager.
"The sphere of fine dining" by Jens Fager, was presented at Milan fair, this April. But unfortunatelly the press kit was not ready when it was supposed to be!

Today I've finally receaved via mail images from the collection and some interesting informations about its success! The armrest chair has been bought of The Röhsska Museum of Fashion, Design and Decorative Arts in Gothenburg for their collection, a lot of press, several galleries around the world showed their interest to exhibit the products and an discussion with a couple of producers have started.

words by Jens Fager :
"The sphere of fine dining" was born when I designed the interior for Tommy Myllymäki´s (chef of the year in Sweden 2007) fine dining restaurant at Julita gård 150 km south of Stockholm. We made a dining set-up of bandsawed furniture. The idea is based on naive cartoon sketches translated into 3-dimesional useable products. The comfort of the chairs have been very important for us.
The technique is bandsaw-machine and the objects is made out of Swedish Pine.

The sphere of Gastronomy

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