Quentin Shih (aka. Shi Xiaofan) is a Beijing-based Chinese photographer specialising in advertising, fashion and editorial assignments. In 2007 he was awarded “Photographer of the Year” by Esquire magazine.
Quentin will present 20 photos in an editorial, titled “The Stranger In The Glass Box” just realized for the exhibit: Dior & Contemporary Chinese Artists at the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing - French elegance of 70s and 80s meets Chinese purism - A pure BEAUTY !

Christian Dior and Chinese Artists

The Ullens Center for Contemporary Art presents the exhibition "Christian Dior and Chinese Artists" starting November 16th, 2008 in Beijing.
Conceived as a highly innovative project, this exhibition creates a dialogue between two continents and two different means of expression, contemporary art and fashion. A legendary name, synonymous around the world with haute couture, places itself as a source of inspiration for major Chinese artists:
Wang Du, Zhang Huan, Huang Rui, Li Songsong, Zhang Dali, Xu Zhongmin, Liu Jianhua, Zheng Guogu, Lu Hao, Wang Qingsong, Yan Lei, Zhang Xiaogang, Wen Fang, Shi Jingsong, Wang Gongxin, Quentin Shih, Liu Wei, Rong Rong & Inri, Tim Yip, Qiu Zhijie et Ma Yan Song...

The Stranger In The Glass Box by Quentin Shih for Dior

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