A strenuous season has reached its end and a new one is beginning which, I am finally pleased to say involves relaxation, piece of mind and enjoyment of the summer that has finally commenced.

   I can't deny that due to the heavy work load commitments and the personal projects that I have been involved in, my true passion and accomplishment which holds the name of " yatzer" was updated on the free time that I had. This however has never stopped me from doing my best and expressing my true passion that I posses for this creation. Being the sole administrator for this project has proved to be very hard, but I can honestly say that this has been my drive and inspiration.

   yatzer will be on holiday relaxing untill the 18th of August and will join you even stronger, fresher and more dynamic for the autumn season which, I can positively say YOU HAVE SEEN NOTHING YET.

   I would like to apologise in advance to everyone that will not have feed back on their comments and e-mails untill the 18th of August and take this opportunity to thank you all for your attendance and your e-mails which I so thoroughly enjoy.

   In the meantime, take a look at the left MENU and re-discover yatzer’s Archives!

Have a nice summer
Best regards
Costas Voyatzis

photo by Roy Ritchie from the "EMPTY PLACES" series

    Summertime for Yatzer

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