Her name is Géraldine Klein,she is a 29 years old French jewelry designer from a little village in Provence. She has been living in Barcelona for 3 years, a city which according to her words she is "definitely in love with". Today Yatzer is happy  to share with our readers some of  Géraldine's "sweet" secrets. Discover her talent...after the sweet break!.

Describe us yourself in 5 words.
gourmand – impulsive – creative – emotive – bonne vivante
What made you start designing sweet jewelry?
I have another passion: cooking. I am good at it, although not so much when it comes to pastries. I've always dreamed of making a cake like those I design. I've tried many times and I still do, but it's always a disaster! I guess that's why I started designing sweet jewelry; it was the best way for me to achieve a nice cake.
Designing these sweet jewelry is something you can make a living doing?
Finally, yes.
How do you choose the taste of each creation?
Creation is very difficult to explain, it's a sum of many things, like a recipe. Each creation has its own story, most of the time very personal. It's about experience and memories. The flan, for example, is exactly the same as the one my mum used to make. Some of the cakes are like the ones in my dreams or in movies. Some of them, I make them just because I really like to eat them in real life!

Of your own "sweets", which one is your favorite and why?
I don't have a favorite; I like all of them, although I tend to prefer the most recent one. I just could say that I'm totally fond of chocolate with orange… I also have a special feeling for the breakfast necklace. I've been a compulsive smoker for 10 years. Coffee, croissant and cigarette have been my daily addiction for a long time. I quit smoking 8 month ago, so this necklace is a very personal memory, my trophy.
How many real sweets do you eat daily!!?
Hehe! If I have sweets at home, then I eat them until they're all gone! Better if I don't tell you how many...
What are your sweet plans for the future?
I want to integrate my sweets in more accessories. I also plan to collaborate with my photographer and graphic designer to present a frame collection.

Sweet Géraldine Klein

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