Tante Resi in HerrmannsbrunnII / © Florian Aschka

"My name is Tante Resi, I was born in May 1919 near Passau (Bavaria). I'm a great fan of my red puddle astrid, she is really sweet. When i was younger I liked very much to travel with my husband to Ischia, a very nice island. We spent their a lot of weeks specially in wintertime when it was too cold in Germany. I have a big interest to become immortal... but apart from this things I'm interested in all kind of rumours in my village and of course shopping is a big thing in my life... since 2003 I'm making art with my grandnephew Florian Aschka"

Guten Morgen Tante Resi / © Florian Aschka

A cooperation between a 24years old boy and an 89years old Lady

I must say that when I receaved a friend request from Tante Resi at myspace...I was so surprised,  that I didn't know what hit me...I guess it was love at first sight...As you imagine I've asked her to send me the e-mail of the creator of her awesome photos.... her grandnephew Florian Aschka, to ask his permission for sharing Tante's images at yatzer! And I did it!

Florian's Grandaunt Resi is in the hospital at the moment, because of several problems with her heart and bones..

Yatzer wishes her to get well soon..because ART is waiting for her!!!

GutenAbend Tante Resi / © Florian Aschka

Licht am Ende der Käsetheke / © Florian Aschka

Florian Aschka answers yatzer's questionnaire Describe yourself in five words.
neurotic, nervous, confused but kind If you could be a different nationality, what would it be?
Maybe italian…but not sure.. What’s your favourite movie?
There are so many but one of the most is „101 Reykjavik“ What kind of music you like to listen?
I like a lot but …beat music is quite nice What inspires you?
Everything old…like old furniture , stories, ladies

Tante Resi in HerrmannsbrunnII / © Florian Aschka

Abendstimmung mit Tante Resi / © Florian Aschka

You are going for a weekend “somewhere” and you have to invite 7 famous people, dead or alive. Where would you go and who would they be?
I think i would take them to my small hometown Schönsee and the guests will be… Helmut Schmidt (the former german chancellor) Bismarck Nan Goldin Barbara Cartland Margreth Rutherford Guy Bourdin Hildegard Knef
Are you afraid of the future?
Describe me the perfect day?
Driving to somewhere with the car… the way to somewhere is often more interesting than reaching the aim
Life is?
Quite fast
Love is?
To feel at home without the connection to a certain place just with the connection to a certain person
Art is?
the best form of communication for me
Family is?
Important and the foundation for everything I'm doing
For which Tante Resi’s photograph are you most proud of?
„Guten Morgen Tante Resi“ (engl. Good morning aunt Resi)

no title (tante resi treibt sport) / © Florian Aschka

Tante Resi "refresh" / © Florian Aschka

Waidmanns Heil Tante Resi / © Florian Aschka

Florian Aschka

Florian's CV

1984 Born in Oberviechtach (Bavaria,Germany)
2003 Abitur (diploma from secondary school qualifying for university admission)
2003/2004 Internship at the artist in residence program in the Oberpfälzer Künstlerhaus Schwandorf
since 2003 Cooperation with „Tante Resi“(Grandaunt Resi)
since 2005 Studying art in the class of professor Peter Angermann at the Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg, Germany
2006 Group exhibition „Fett auf Mager“ in Schwabach and Nuremberg
since 2007 Cooperation with Ádám Dallos
2007 Group exhibition „Arena- Kunstausstellung“ at the Arena Festival 07 „Sinnflut“ in Erlangen, Germany
2007 Group exhibition „[ARTATWORK2]“ in Feucht, Germany
2007 Group exhibition “Haut” in the Academy Gallery in Nuremberg, Germany
2008 Group exhibition “Diagnosis” in the Polish Institute in Budapest, Hungary
2008 Erasmus scholarship for the Academy of Applied Arts Vienna, Austria
2008 Group exhibition “Ägeschegädrä“ in the University of Fine arts Budapest, Hungary
2008 Group exhibition “Tier + Mensch“ in Nuremberg, Germany
2008 Group exhibition “Arte x Arte Bogotá 08”, Esto Non Es Una Galeria, Bogotá Columbia

Tante Resi

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