Too Late is easy, essential, cool... Coming straight to the point, it's a international product.
Too Late was discovered at MoMA design store in New York and was marketed less then one year ago; the idea comes from Ale Fogazzi, 27 years old business Man from Brescia, near Milano, who is active in communication and entertainment. Thanks to the joint venture with La Griffe, brand leader in artisan costume jewellery Made in Italy, success was instant. 10.000 watches sold in the first 10 days of distribution. The new water proof edition was presented during Macef 2008, in Milano..
Fashion victims wear 2 or 3 watches together, perfectionists choose the right colour to match their favourite suit. It's a young product, as 70% of those who buy it are aged between 12 and 40, but there are also many children and professionals who wear it. Too Late is perfect for a nice present for oneself or for friends. It's becoming a real phenomenon, and its design counts much more than its brand. For this reason, it gives prominence to the style of the people who wear it..
More then minimalistic, it's minimal and pop. Too Late is the state of the art of cheap design. Under the clock-face there are only 2 buttons (mode and set) and the date is written in USA style only, month before the day..
Colour, colour and again colour. Every month new shades are adapted to seasons, fashion collections and trends..

And Yatzer's belief is that it's never Too Late to order yours for just 14.90€

Too Late?

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