model: Long Chair
usage: bench
material: steelpipe27φγ€€galvanized
completion: April 2008
photo: Takumi Ota

Sschemata designed a long chair .This is a donative to celebrate completion of Centurial Memorial Building of Nippon Institute Of Technology. This chair is made of one seamless steel pipe which draw the section shape of chair. And a seamless steel pipe draw various ways to sit.

usage: bench
Size: W2620SH435
completion: March 2008
charge: Daisuke Motogi
photo: Jo Nagasaka | Kei Okano

a chair+ a( duck-legged )chair+ a chair+ a chair+ a chair+ a chair ⇒ a bench. Sschemata convert from 6 chairs into 1 bench by changing 6 seat side to 1 seat side. They exhibited the bench to the festival of the artγ€€"NEW TOKYO COMTEMPORARIES" in Marunouchi,Tokyo.

Two inspired benches

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