Seth, Aisha, Yatzer &  Ami ...ready to fly!

The answer to my concluding question from part#2 is of course a typical one to VCP. A helicopter ride above the Champagne village in order to capture the aerial essence of the atmosphere which we just walked through. After all this is what this champagne is all about.It simply sweeps you off your feet.

With our adrenalines climaxing, we flew over the highly respected Madame's Country house and her private historic estate the ‘Boursault Castle'. The acres of vines were endless and the feelings and sentiments that we experienced were indescribable. Images from a dream that we where living through a fairytale.

We "landed" at  Les Crayeres castle. An elegant turn-of-the XXth century residence set in a 7-hectare park in the heart of the town of Reims. Each room is lovingly furnished in a unique style of its own. We walked through the grounds and were mesmerised with the landscape and the majestic presence of the castle. In the evening we were introduced to Mr.Dominique Dermaville (Cellar Master) and Mr.Stephane Gerschel (International Communication Director to VCP.) Let the games begin.

During dinner, we were given 3 different kinds of VCP champagne to drink from the era of 2002 – Vintage, Vintage Rose & Vintage Rich – and we had to select which juice of the gods’ best accompanies our each serving from our 5 course meal. According to Mr. Dermaville your Yatzer did not let you down, I chose wisely 3 out of 5 times. The feast was diving the atmosphere was magical and the company was glorious. With this combination how can you not feel overwhelmed?

We retired to our bedrooms, and once I lied in my overproduced bed my eyes could not close and my mind could not stop from replaying images from everything that was captured from this journey and the unexpected of what the new sunrise will bring.

The sunrise brought us an old world classic Bentley parked at the grand driveway entrance inviting us but also intimidating us to approach. A car that incorporates what design stands for. Its exterior lines and presence demands respect its interior smooth leather sitting and bespoke details acquires you to be respected. With this design master we were going to begin writing our last page of our fairytale and like most endings of we were swept away with a carriage that is only fit for our leading prince and princess. tbVCPc

Watch the stunning video produced by Amy Kealoha & directed by Seth Brau for the Cool Hunting where  Mr.Cyril Brun - The wine maker and communicator of VCP is talking about the secrets of the Veuve Clicquot champagne

VCP by Cool Hunting 

Madame's Country house...areal view

Boursault Castle...areal view


Les Crayeres castle

Les Crayeres restaurant

Nima Abbasi while he is reading a magazine inside the Jean Aw's room (Jean from NOTCOT)


photos by Yatzer

Veuve Clicquot bloggers trip / part#03

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