Villa Moda in Bahrain,  is a multibrand luxury fashion store founded by Sheikh Majed, one of the driving forces behind fashion in the Middle East. For the interior design of Villa Moda, Marcel Wanders found inspiration in the traditional souk, creating a melting pot of cultures full of surprising details:
“The souk is the ultimate marketplace, a concentration of innovation and tradition, diversity and intimacy. Lose yourself in labyrinth passages and find yourself anew. We designed Villa Moda Bahrain as an international Babel of fashion, in order to share instead of divide. Meet the people of the own streets; shake hands and learn each other’s language.”
The prestigious Condé Nast Traveller Innovation and Design Awards 2009 short listed Marcel Wanders for the interior design of the Villa Moda store in Bahrain in the Retail category.

Lead Designer: Marcel Wanders
Design team: Marcel Wanders, Karin Krautgartner, Aino Kavantera
Location: Bahrain, UAE
Client: Sheikh Majed al-Sabah
Completion of Project: June 2008
Photography: Marcel Wanders studio

Villa Moda by Marcel Wanders in Bahrain

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