Volksfaden specializes in 100% cotton quilting fabric imported from the United States and Japan.The shop is based in Germany but they ship world-wide. Most of the collections are limited editions and therefore cannot be reordered. New collections are "coming in" all the time, that's why those who are interested have to check back often to see what tempting fabrics are available at the Volksfaden's website.

According to Linda Gaylord, the shop owner "There are some really hot designers out there, who in turn, are being nurtured and encouraged by a very discerning, receptive, and creative community in the incredible arts and crafts movement of today. I wanted to make these contemporary quilting fabrics more accessible for those of us living on this side of the pond, so the idea of Volksfaden ( literally translated as the "people's threads") was born. I am committed to offering you an exquisite range of exciting and innovative quilting fabrics that will make any sewing project you undertake a pleasure from start to finish. All of the fabrics are imported from the United States or Japan. Quality will never be an issue and I only sell fabric I love to work with myself."

DISCOVER the organic fabrics
The latest category that is added to the Volksfaden roster is the "Organic Fabrics", where all the fabrics are made by organic cotton. A cotton that is grown without the use of harmful fungicides and pesticides. The fabrics are treated with non-toxic products such as safe peroxide to whiten, natural soybean softener, low-impact fiber reactive or natural dyes and low impact or natural pigment colors to print. The production of organic cotton is healthier for the people farming it and for our planet.The initial production costs are higher and the demand is still relatively small so the price of organic cotton fabric is more expensive than the conventionally produced cotton fabric but the long term advantages are priceless.

Yatzer  would like to  Congratulate Linda Gaylord for her fabric selections and her  Volksfaden concept-online shop.
And what could we say for Katharina Neubert's photo collages? Without question they are able to make us buy some fabrics! (a selection is posted above + below)

Volksfaden - The online fabric shop

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