waterdrop by Hector Serano

Waterdrop, a tribute to water.
A project designed by Héctor Serrano Studio for Roca
Roca presented Waterdrop at 100% Design London. A spectacular and engaging experience capturing the beauty of water, designed by Héctor Serrano Studio

"Why water? For us it is our soul; it is the reason why Roca exists. It runs through every one of our products and is the protagonist of our stage, the bathroom. We thought that it is time to make a tribute to this precious and fantastic element. Let's make a tribute to the beauty of water. Waterdrop invites us to enjoy and explore water without even using a drop, thereby representing Roca’s fundamental belief that innovation and sustainability can go hand in hand. The centrepiece is a representation of the beautiful experience of a drop falling into water, creating an enigmatic movement and ripples. The installation uses innovative and sophisticated technology in an unexpected and inventive way to capture this captivating natural phenomenon. A blue moving line surrounds and defines the space, communicating the importance of this element as well as acting as an invitation and a welcome. Listening and understanding peoples needs and desires is important to us at Roca so we allow an area where comments about water can be left appearing at the same time outside of the wall. The walls of the stand become an open speaker about this valuable element, water." text by Roca

Waterdrop's construction

About Héctor Serrano Studio
Hector Serrano Studio is the design office founded by Héctor Serrano in London in 2000. Their projects combines Innovation with the communication of familiar ideas in unusual and inventive way. The studio's activities are divided into product, space, communication and laboratory work. In this last area they undertake research projects that allow them to put new formulas into practice, in addition to questioning existing ones. The constant exchange between these areas enriches the process, giving rise to successful, long lasting products and projects. The client list includes companies such as Roca, Moooi, ICEX Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade, Droog Design, Metalarte, La Casa Encendida (Caja Madrid) and Valencia City Council among others. The Office has received different awards such as the Peugeot Design Award and The Premio Nacional de Diseño No Aburridos. Their Products has been exhibited extensively in Museums such as V&A in London and Cooper-Hewit National Design Museum in New York and are part of different collections as the Central Museum of Amsterdam. Héctor studied Industrial Design in Valencia before moving to London to study a master’s degree in Product Design at The Royal College of Art.

Waterdrop by Héctor Serrano Studio for Roca

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