What would a twenty-first-century Cinderella wear? Today, contemporary Cinderellas, who do not wait for their Prince Charming in order to go to the ball, but still love glass slippers, can finally see their wishes fulfilled! Kartell and .normaluisa present “Glue Cinderella”, a collection of transparent plastic ballerina shoes. The graceful, amusing, simple and super-chic ballerina flat shoes are available in three different two-tone versions, opaque/opaque or transparent/ opaque.
The colour palette teams classic shades with more eccentric tones, from neutral beige and ever-popular deep blue and white, to a trio of warm colours inspired by the Moroccan atmosphere of .normaluisa’s S/S 2009 collection: Kartell-red, violet and green. They are completed by the brand-new “crystalline” version.

The “Glue Cinderella” combine gracefulness and nonchalance, creating a simultaneously classical and futuristic mood, which makes them perfect both about town and on holiday. Their simple elegant form has been designed with painstaking attention to detail, from the hole in the back, making them easy to carry, to the low-cut uppers and the star that shapes the sole. They are shoes for true contemporary princesses.
The collection is the fruit of Kartell’s extensive knowledge of plastics and are mass-produced using injection-moulding technology that allows the creation of two-tone shoes combining transparent and opaque effects.
Where did the idea of the Kartell ballerina flat shoes come from?
Lorenza Luti, the company’s 30-year-old marketing and retail manager, is the mind behind the project, the fruit of her passion for fashion and accessories. She chose .normaluisa, a young all-Italian label, as her partner.
Once again the world of design has shown itself to be ahead of the times, with avant-garde strategies, creating a new and highly sophisticated partnership. Research into materials, textures, colours and collections with a strong personality, and a contemporary but timeless style: the two have much in common.

“For me, Kartell is not merely a design company, but an authentic lifestyle brand,” Lorenza Luti explains. “It has been the leading brand in experimentation with plastics for sixty years and has made transparency its trademark. Consequently, when I started to think about a range of shoes, it was natural to give the product our imprint. Joining forces with .normaluisa – a brand I have known and loved since its foundation – was an equally natural choice, for it shares chic, feminine and timeless style.” .normaluisa adds: “For .normaluisa the future is yesterday. Kartell’s ‘Glue Cinderella’ shoes have enabled us to project the fairy tale of Cinderella into tomorrow, for all the Cinderellas of today.”
The “Glue Cinderella” Kartell by .normaluisa flat shoes will make their international debut at the Milan Fashion Week, when they will be worn by the models on the catwalk for .normaluisa on 26 September. The fashion show will be held in the Brera Botanical Garden at 3.30 p.m.
The collection will also be the special guest at Touch!, neoZone e cloudnine with a dedicated, unique intallation.

The collection will be on sale in leading boutiques throughout the world from January 2009.

What would a twenty-first-century Cinderella wear?

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