Song Qi, Monaco’s First Gourmet Chinese Restaurant

06 July 2014 No Comments

Striking in its elegance and Art Deco drama, everyone seems to be talking about Song Qi in Monaco. With Michelin starred Chef Alan Yau at its helm, the food served at the principality’s first gourmet Chinese restaurant is excellent. [...]

The Past and Present of Mercedes Benz Racing Cars in One Monumental Sculpture by Gerry Judah

02 July 2014 No Comments

Celebrated British sculptor Gerry Judah has been commissioned every year since 1997 to create the monumental centerpiece for the Goodwood Festival of Speed, featuring real cars from the world’s top brands. This year he decided to lift off two of Mercedes Benz’s legendary Silver Arrows... [...]

The Chamber of Curiosity: Apartment Design and the New Elegance

01 July 2014 {1} Comment

The Chamber of Curiosity by Gestalten is more than a collection of some of the best interiors from around the world. With its added strong focus on the occupants as well as their very essence, the publication also manages to unlock the individual character of the incredible interiors showcased. [...]

Story Restaurant in Helsinki by Joanna Laajisto Creative Studio

30 June 2014 No Comments

Finnish designer Joanna Laajisto has designed a warm and welcoming interior for the Story restaurant which very recently opened its doors in the spacious main hall of Helsinki’s newly renovated Old Market building. [...]

Sculptor Matthew Simmonds Carves Realistic Interiors Into Marble and Stone

29 June 2014 No Comments

As a contemporary master of a time-honoured craft that is entwined with the history of European art and architecture, marble and stone sculptor Matthew Simmonds carves breathtaking miniature interiors inside chunks of stone. [...]

Beyond Selfies: iPhone Photography Awards Announces its Winners for 2014

28 June 2014 No Comments

As the first and longest-running competition dedicated to iPhone photography, each year the IPPAWARDS presents a selection of truly compelling photos, all taken with an iPhone, iPad or iPod. Check out the winning entries of this year’s competition here! [...]

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Realistic Bird Paper Sculptures by Diana Beltran Herrera

26 June 2014 No Comments

Colombian artist Diana Beltran Herrera through attaching together little pieces of coloured paper creates the most marvelous bird sculptures. [...]

Desktop to Heaven: Magnus Celestii by Joseph Walsh Studio

26 June 2014 No Comments

Showcasing at the design exhibition at the New Art Centre in Roche Court, Wiltshire, UK, Studio Joseph Walsh known for its flowing and gravity-defying wooden furniture presents its largest work to date: the Magnus Celestii installation. [...]