The Visual Identity of 'Voyageur du Temps' Bakery and Café by Character

28 January 2015 No Comments

An old railway station in Los Altos, California, has been transformed into this exquisite new bakery and café by local entrepreneur Rie Rubin, with the help of the creative people at San Francisco-based design agency Character. [...]

Knarvik Church, a Futuristic Interpretation of the Traditional Norwegian Stave Church

26 January 2015 No Comments

The new church for the village of Knarvik in Hordaland, Norway by the studio of Reiulf Ramstad looks like it has almost been carved out of its craggy surroundings. [...]

A Marbleous Trend: The Versatile Use of Marble in Design

24 January 2015 {1} Comment

In recent times marble has worked diligently to alter its affiliation with ideas of ostentation and excess, gaining favour with a cohort of contemporary designers and design-conscious consumers. Today we see many examples of marble’s versatility (both real and faux) in furnishings, lighting, storage, accessories, tableware, interiors and fashion. [...]

Lake Cottage in Ontario, Canada by UUfie

21 January 2015 {1} Comment

Versatile, unconventional, playful and poetic, the Lake Cottage by UUfie was designed to give the impression of living up in a tree house. [...]

No.57 Boutique Cafe in Abu Dhabi by Anarchitect

18 January 2015 {1} Comment

The Dinner Club by No57, an underground pop up-dinner club in the UAE, has recently opened its first permanent space in Abu Dhabi, designed by Anarchitect studio. [...]

Rock the Shack: the Architecture of Cabins, Cocoons and Hide-Outs by Gestalten

17 January 2015 No Comments

Discover an array of unusual and well-designed small cabins, sheds and hideouts in the amazing 'Rock the Shack' book by Gestalten. [...]

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A Miniature Painting a Day by Lorraine Loots

15 January 2015 No Comments

For the past two years miniaturist painter Lorraine Loots has been painting a tiny watercolour image a day. Known mainly for her 'Paintings for Ants' project, she will present her work at an exhibition in Cape Town this month. [...]

Seeing Double: Mirror Houses by Peter Pichler

13 January 2015 No Comments

This sleek pair of twin holiday homes were built in the middle of an apple tree orchard in the South Tyrol by the studio of Peter Pichler, and feature a mirror-covered back wall that reflects the surrounding nature. [...]