PAPIER bag by Stefan Diez for AUTHENTICS

published in: Fashion By Costas Voyatzis, 16 December 2008

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Casual chic: the PAPIER bag series by AUTHENTICS

Design: Stefan Diez, 2008

It’s as light as paper, but absolutely tear-resistant. It looks like paper, but is extremely wearresistant - water and dirt can’t harm it. Its surface changes in daily use, which makes the bag an entirely personal accessory. It’s called PAPIER, but is made out of thousands of tiny plastic threads: the exciting new bag series by AUTHENTICS. PAPIER creates a new casual look: casual enough to carry a bag that makes a cool understatement. That ages elegantly. That is as unconventional as its wearer - and is equally suitable for every day and special occasions.

An industrial material as a lifestyle product. The product name PAPIER is a playful allusion to the material: the bags look like paper, feel like paper, and are processed almost like paper. But as delicate as the bags may look: they are extremely strong and wear-resistant. That’s because AUTHENTICS and the Munich designer Stefan Diez have designed a material for PAPIER that is known to many from the special bags used by couriers, and which is now being used for the very fi rst time as an elegant and innovative lifestyle product: Tyvek®, a special plastic film made from polyethylene by the renowned materials specialist Dupont.

PAPIER A1 and PAPIER A2: new additions on the way. The PAPIER A1 shoulder bag (width 32 cm x height 75 cm x depth 1.5 cm) and slightly smaller PAPIER A2 handbag (width 30 cm x height 45 cm x depth 1.5 cm) are to arrive on the market in the autumn of 2008. They are the germ cell of a complete and highly functional product family that will also include travel bags and countless travel accessories: from toiletry bags to hanging wardrobes. The secret behind PAPIER is its unique aesthetic appeal, which is the result of the contrast between the new material that looks like paper and the latest fi nishing techniques. PAPIER accessories can be stamped, sewn and printed. And they are completely recyclable, thereby fulfi lling AUTHENTICS’ claim for sustainability and durability. Daily use creates an individual patina on the material, which is very much to be desired as it is a sign of quality and value.

It all began by chance: The idea for PAPIER came whilst considering the development of travel accessories for the extremely successful KUVERT bag series, which was also designed by Stefan Diez. Initial trials with various materials were not so successful, as they were not light or fl exible enough. Which led to the idea of turning the actual paper prototypes into new products - but using strong, wear-resistant Tyvek®, which look so much like paper, instead of paper.

The courage to innovate: a constant in the history of AUTHENTICS. AUTHENTICS has once again proved its willingness to use a new and unusual material with PAPIER. Products such as the multifunctional 2HANDS basket by Konstantin Grcic (1996) in the - at the time - unique translucent plastic polypropylene, or the new bag series KUVERT by Stefan Diez (2006) in coated polyester fabric with high frequency-welded seams, have consistently proved AUTHENTICS’ innovative spirit throughout the company’s history. Elmar Flötotto, managing director of AUTHENTICS: “Innovative products have always been a key feature of the AUTHENTICS brand. And it’s the same with PAPIER. Accessories and bags in Tyvek® offer a tremendous range of choice and possibilities for surfaces and in processing.”



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    Zuy | 2008-12-16 22:36:23

    Diez is not an air or a paper designer

  • friend
    Nikos | 2008-12-17 14:17:06

    Very Good

  • friend
    cassandra | 2008-12-19 23:38:10

    can i buy it? if so where?

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