A pied-à-terre over Central Park

published in: Interiors By Costas Voyatzis, 21 July 2008

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private client
year of completion : 2006
location : New-York, NY.USA.

interior design: Eric Benqué

   Located on the 73rd floor of a Manhattan building, the apartment is a pied-a-terre overlooking Central Park. The interior design is primarily structured by different relations to the view and the urban landscape. Elevated floors and furniture emphasize the spectacular vue.Made to measure furniture elements can be moved around on the window frames and allow to sit right against the floor to ceiling windows and experiment the thrill of altitude. In the Study, the desk frames the vue over the Hudson River.
   Inspired by the double exposure of the photographer, the design principle throughout the appartment : is to imagine the reflections of the objects in the windows. Everything is designed and chosen acccording to the image it will create, day or night, mixed with the lights of the city

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apartment over Central Park


Eric Benqué

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