Alegra by Mr.Important in Dubai

published in: Interiors, Restaurants/Bars By Marcia Argyriades, 06 March 2012

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photo © Jeff Dow

Mr. Important is back with yet another wonderful and unique experience named Alegra (meaning Happy in Spanish) in the heart of Dubai. The San Francisco based Interior Design firm specializing in nightclubs, hotels, bars and lounges brings an ebullient perspective to interiors designed to be remembered and talked about.

Alegra is a 300 square meter restaurant, lounge and bar in Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. The Burj Khalifa skyscraper is a world-class destination and signifies downtown Dubai's new urban masterpiece. Surrounded by hotels, must-visit shopping destinations and a world of entertainment options, Alegra is literally located right where the heart of Dubai beats! Alegra’s interior combines elements such as high resolution LED screens, masses of glass, a contrast of warm coloured lighting, as well as dynamic beveled surfaces.


photo © Jeff Dow

photo © Jeff Dow

The exuberant, high resolution, ceiling mounted LED screens dominate the space; a long broken crease in the ceiling’s flat surface only assists in pointing out the difference of one surface to another. In an attempt to utilize the trapezoidal “faceted” ceiling and wall planes of beveled black glass, the crease is repeated exponentially. The room then appears to be united as each of these panels is backlit to form an energetic lightscape. Warm tones of golden and yellow light through the space lend an almost sensual feel as the backlight peeks out of the cracks which further emphasize the geometrical wall planes of angular black glass.  Moreover, an angular light box right before the bar offers a sensual and very atmospheric feel while also providing seating space.

Combining all three functions of restaurant, bar and lounge, Alegra is upholstered in warm tones of gold foil embossed leather and deeply tufted dining ottomans which in turn create an uber-luxe, comfortable and sensual interior. In contrast to the uber-luxe upholstery, the reflections that reflect and sparkle around the room bounce from one plane of black glass to another. Linear LED chandeliers by Il Pezzo Mancante create a sophisticated and romantic light as they further reinforce the glint of the room. The form and the design of the Il Pezzo Mancante LED chandelier is inspired by Arabic calligraphic art and a classical candelabrum. The 20 foot long ribbon of golden graffiti and crystal candles crafted from hand blown crystal provide a sparkling canopy to the main bar.

photo © Jeff Dow

As the night evolves, the restaurant is transformed as DJ’s and VJ’s jovially entertain bringing the room up into a tempest of sound and visuals that are undoubtedly incomparable to anything you’ve ever experienced. The LED screen ceiling is converted into a blistering life form that is reflected throughout the space providing for an intuitive visual experience, infectious, brilliant and practically overwhelming. But of course the Alegra experience doesn’t stop there; the gastronomical experience features forward leaning molecular techniques coupled with rich flavors and textures. As with the interior, the food also offers a stirring yet comforting dining experience rooted in traditional and original Spanish cuisine.

Alegra – meaning happy in Spanish, offers a unique experience, an ebullient perspective to interiors that are designed to be remembered and talked about, as with all interiors by Mr. Important Design.

photo © Jeff Dow

photo © Jeff Dow

photo © Jeff Dow

photo © Jeff Dow

photo © Jeff Dow

Project Name: Alegra
Program: Restaurant, Bar and Lounge
Project Location: Dubai, UAE
Size (sq m): 300 Square Meters
Completion Date: February 2012
Design Firm: Mr. Important Design
Design Team: Charles Doell, Principal
Photography: Jeff Dow


Mr. Important Design

  • friend
    Nassia | 2012-03-07 09:21:30

    very nice work! very good association between interior architecture and design with the molecular techniques! congrats!

  • friend
    diego | 2012-03-08 00:41:37

    FYI alegra doesn't mean happy in spanish, its not even a spanish word ;)

  • friend
    shaykha | 2013-02-17 15:52:57

    Where could i find this project plan, sections, elevations, 3ds ?? anything !! i need it urgent ! - for a case study

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