Christophe Pillet + Louis XIII in Limited Edition Design Collaboration

published in: Design By Guest, 22 November 2008

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Guest Contribution by Sofia Ortlund Foutris

French designer Christophe Pillet has designed a contemporary set, including a bottle, two glasses and a tray, to accompany Remy Martin’s top class cognac Louis XIII. This collaboration is according to Remy Martin a way to pay homage to the heritage and artistry of the high-quality cognac.
Christophe Pillet is working within many fields including product and furniture design, interior decoration, architecture, stenography, and artistic direction. He has collaborated with Phillipe Starck and also worked for top brands including Zanotta, Lacoste, Cappellini, Catherine Malandrino, Renault, L’Oreal, Whirlpool and Driade.
The collaboration between Christophe Pillet and Louis XIII is a result of a program initiated by Remy Martin to support visionary artists from the world of art, design, photography and architecture. Earlier collaborations include the artist Louis Bourgeoise and the architect Dror. In addition to Christophe Pillet, Remy Martin is now also working with well-known photographer Matthew Rolston.
Each artist has shown the same passion, vision and genius that go into making each bottle of Louis XIII,” says Remy Martin about their collaboration with the two artists.


Remy Martin, Christophe Pillet

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  • friend
    tom doyle | 2014-02-28 02:27:21

    Where can I purchase this glassware?

  • friend
    Meredith Johnson | 2014-04-29 20:45:06

    price and availability please of Christophe Pillet bottle and glasses separately mj

  • friend
    VERCLYTTE | 2015-05-05 16:12:56

    Would it be possible, please, to know the price of a 'the facets of Louis XIII' glass by Ch. Pillet I should like to offer to a friend of mine ? Many thanks in advance for your reply

  • friend
    Simon | 2014-07-03 12:27:18

    Hi where can I buy the louis xiii display case by christophe pillet please and how much.Cheers Simon

  • friend
    Scott | 2014-10-31 22:45:19

    Where can I purchase these goblets?

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