DIARyatzer 2009

published in: Art By Costas Voyatzis, 15 September 2009

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After numerous emails from our loyal Yatzer fans who eagerly expected the long awaited  DIARyatzer 2009 \\ it's finally here!  

Yatzer commissioned three of his favorite photographers // Daniel Holfeld, Petra Reimann, and Dom Agius to choose four months and accompany each month with an exclusive picture from their portfolio with a brief description of each moment. The result is splendid...

12 moments, 12 months

//// There are moments in life which are passed by
but somebody has captured the moment
somebody has created a memory
a memory of a lifetime
with feelings and senses
a memory for every month of the year

  from Yatzer with love to Daniel, Petra & Dom


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  • friend
    PaCh | 2009-09-16 12:38:10

    Well done dear Yatzer! I would like to inform you that my wall eagers for some serious art, so may I demand as a Yatzer fun, a print version of a Diaryatzer for 2010? A nice special limited print collection of large photographs No days and numbers! Just a photo representing the feeling of a new month and a fresh eyecandy % commission for photographers And I also could frame them when 2011 comes What do all of you say? All I want for Christmas is my 2010 Diaryatzer! And my two front teeth! My two front teeth!

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