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published in: Fashion By Guest, 07 August 2009

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photo  © Peter Stigter

Guest Contribution by Stephanie Nahas

Dewi Sarah Pfeiffer recently graduated from Artez College of Fine Arts in Arnhem, and is quickly gaining recognition as one of fashions freshest faces. Interning at prestigious fashion houses such as Orson+Bodil, Zero+Maria Cornejo, and hopefully Chloé this fall, Pfeiffer’s experience is shown through her cutting edge fashion design. 

In her graduation collection, “Rhythmic”, Pfeiffer drew inspiration from Dutch artist Jan Schoonhoven.  She says, “His drawings and paintings, which consisted of many reliefs, are very simple, but yet so strong. It wasn't my intention to literally use his concept and put it back into wearable items, more the way of making simple gestures that have a big impact”.  Describing her design style as feminine and minimalistic, it’s clear why her understated collection still has the quality of boldness and charm. 

photo  © Peter Stigter

For Pfeiffer, it’s all about the details – all the prints she has in the collection are hand drawn right onto the fabric with either pencil or a permanent marker. 

Her keen eye for detail, knack at simplistic perfection and exquisite taste for progressive fashion, Dewi Pfeiffer is sure to deliver many more breathtaking collections in years to come.

Enjoy her Rhythmic collection through the pictures that follow:

photo  © Peter Stigter

photo  © Peter Stigter

photo  © Peter Stigter

photo  © Peter Stigter

photo  © Peter Stigter

Dewi Pfeiffer design // photo  © Marc Deurloo

Dewi Pfeiffer designs // photo  © Marc Deurloo


fashion designer // Dewi Pfeiffer

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