Grid project by Jaebeom Jeong

published in: Design By Costas Voyatzis, 03 January 2009

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Korean industrial designer Jeong Jaebeoms explores the relationship between computer generated and classical forms through his grid series. Discover Jeong's Grid and R60 chairs below.

'Grid chair' / 2008

The structure of chairs we have known is a creature experienced by association effects, and nothing more than functionally having the minimum structure to sit.
Measure: 500 x 530 x 770
Material:stainless steel, walnut-black stain finished
Photographer: Young-tak Han

R60 (Reflex 60°) / 2008
This chair embodied an image of infinity repetition derived from reflex action and virtual image.
Measure: 1760 x 1760 x 900(h)
Material: stainless steel, poly carbonate sheet, ash-black stain finished
Photographer: Seung-il Kim


Jaebeom Jeong Design Lab., designboom

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