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published in: Design, Graphics By Ricardo Hernandez, 17 October 2010

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Image Courtesy of Culdesac

Share the love, share the link, share Japain. A story of two cultures coming together for the love of one thing, DESIGN. What are your most vivid memories of Spanish culture and Japanese culture? Are they really that similar? Share with us your thoughts!

Image Courtesy of Culdesac

Spain seems to be very busy lately. First, Valencia Disseny Week and now the close community of Spanish designers goes to Tokyo for Tokyo Design Week hosted from October 29th to November 4th. ICEX (Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade) has commissioned CuldeSac, a Valencian creative lab, to lead the design and curation of the Spanish design presence in Tokyo. In efforts to connect with this eastern urban metropolis, CuldeSac designed and built a story called Japain.

Image Courtesy of Culdesac

"Tens of hundreds of thousands of years ago...
you might not have heard of it...
but the lands had a different shape.
Far away, so far away from here...
There was a place called… JAPAIN "

Japain is the threshold between Japan and Spain thus the name Japain. According to the story, these two cultures share a rich, past history, where they share a common passion for stringed instruments, flowers, the color red they are both so proud of and the fascination for traditional fans. The story is built on the idea idea of unifying dissimilar cultures, in an effort to bind Japan to the contemporary works Spanish designers are working on. The story strengthens the bond and takes the viewer into a journey through the country.

Image Courtesy of Culdesac

The story is simple, clever and powerful in its approach to find homogeneous bonds of cultural values. Anyone open enough to the experience will believe the connection of these two different cultures through the eyes of Hana and her grandchild Leo.  CuldeSac has not only designed and developed this compelling story but also developed it in a way that would resonate with the Japanese audience by formatting it in the shape of the comic. The delivery, language, style and narrative will captivate the audience and take them into a fascinating experience throughout Spain.

Image Courtesy of Culdesac

In this Yatzer exclusive, we show you the book ends of Japain. CuldeSac introduces the legend and shows the end of the story leaving a big portion of Japain out. It seems a bit disconnected but that is all with great love for purpose. The missing link of Japain is the exhibition which you will experience in Tokyo. Building the interest of the cultural similarities, CuldeSac wants us to experience the connection physically where we can see, touch and hear the buzz that will strengthen these two friendships.

This communication strategy not only strengthens the value of Spanish design but its involvement connecting with other cultures. Yatzer has received the exclusive video and images that will charm Japan and permeate through Twitterverse and other social media platforms. "Made in Japain" tells the story of Spanish design, tailored to the Japanese audience. It will allow the viewer to connect further to Spanish designers such as: Manolo Blahnik, Jaime Hayón, Lladró, David Delfín, Nani Marquina, Camper, Pretty Ballerinas y Tous, and some others like Lavernia y Cienfuegos, Luis Eslava, La Granja, Francesc Rifé, Ramón Esteve, Héctor Serrano, Odos Design, Mario Ruiz, Estudi Arola, Tomás Alonso and Yohno.

Image Courtesy of Culdesac



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CuldeSac™ is more than a studio. It´s a creative lab, a space for collaboration on different fields of expertise. It was founded as a melting pot for professionals to dialogue and exchange knowledge. Founded in 2002, CuldeSac™ is headed today by Alberto Martinez and Pepe Garcia (CuldeSac™ Espacio Creativo and founders), Juan Poveda and Xavi Sempere (CuldeSac™ Comunicación) and Garen Moreno and Sophie von Schönburg (CuldeSac™ Experience). Despite the fact that its founders studied at the Royal College of Art in London, the studio decided to settle in Valencia due to its quality of life. The city’s relaxed atmosphere inspirates a place of interdisciplinary work on architecture, interiors, product and graphics design, communication and branding, events and PR. Among its distinguished disparate customers, Tiffany&Co, Lladró, Bernhardt Design, H&M, Swarovski or Aston Martin.

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    Estrella | 2010-10-18 10:34:26

    This is a great story! I really look forward to seeing the exhibition.

  • friend
    majorette | 2010-10-27 15:02:46

    Amazing job!! Communication channel: dynamic. Communication target: completed, a blink to manga, the target audience core product. Creativity levels: highest. Story content: emotive, touchy. It makes me move... Congrats!

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