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Marcus Tremonto from Studio Treluce presents amongst other famous designers, his new work at MATERIALISM, a group show which opened during the London's Design Festival (13-23 September) and is still running at FUMI gallery in London.


Gallery FUMI presents a group show, MATERIALISM, which focuses on works by emerging designers who are adopting innovative and refreshing ways of working with a variety of materials. FUMI has commissioned new works by Max Lamb, Marcus Tremonto, Paul Kelley, Studio Glithero, Philippe Malouin, and Stephen Johnson, shown together with pieces by Pieke Bergmans and Paul Cocksedge.

As the design and art world progresses, artists and designers are looking at innovative ways of making and presenting their work. The materials they use play an integral role, from both an aesthetic and conceptual point. This exhibition aims to highlight a group of designers and makers who are part of this trend. These designers are changing the process and materials in almost a craft way to produce individualised pieces, embracing design and art.

On show will be Max Lamb's take on aluminium, cellular concrete and compressed felt. Marcus Tremonto from Studio Treluce work with light as the medium, transforming the physical to the visual. Paul Kelley's pieces crafting felt and copper, aluminium and wool. Studio Glithero's innovative use of fibreglass, foam, gum paper and bronze. Philippe Malouin plays with rubber and wood whilst Steven Johnson with plexiglass. Pieke Bergmans use of crystal, altering the shape and size of everyday objects and Paul Cocksedge use of styrene and glass to create his unique magic.


WONKA and 451 are an extension to the mirror "GETTY" series.
These designs focus on image, structure and illusion; working with the materials to create dimensions and layers, carefully composing forms that seem as if they carry on into the space freely and indefinitely. When off these pieces simply reflect and mirror the environment around but turned on they reveal a new world and dimension beyond from both sides.

GOBSTOPPER is a painting that captures space, layers and organic nature though the use of light and color. Working with light as if it were a pastel or charcoal the form is encased in the material allowing the light to reflect onto itself and the color to create areas that form landscapes within. When off the painting becomes a modern blank canvas that simply blends into its environment..but when illuminated revels a new world of depth and form.

Hsa Wak Now is created using a stitch technique where in the light source is hand threaded through the Perspex and then carefully formed into an image. Allowing the materials to blend together but each having their own space, this piece shows the image penetrating one side, almost pushing through but then appearing on the other side at a different time.
The image is never fully realized in its whole leaving one trying to imagine its completeness.


Gallery FUMI , Studio Treluce

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Tremonto Marcus

About Marcus Tremonto

Artist/designer Marcus Tremonto received international recognition and acclaim for his innovative limited edition "Lightworks" pieces which were exhibited in New York at Phillips De Pury and Company in 2007. Following his one man show he was chosen for the coveted Swarovski Crystal Palace in Milan 2008. He exhibits internationally from Milanʼs Salone del Mobile to The Pavillon des Art et du Design in Paris and during Frieze Art in London; his work is featured in many publications such as The New York Times, Case da Abitare, Domus, Connaisance des Arts and Blueprint.

Founding his New York based design studio, Treluce Studios, with wife and partner Monica Tremonto in 2002, the studio is a collaborative which focuses on product driven concepts based on re-contextualizing,re-purposing and re-imaging traditional designs with new design philosophies. Works range from jewelry and objects to furniture and lighting.

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    Its interesting to follow the works of Marcus Tremonto along time. The line that started in '451' and continued to 'Carbon 451' for example, takes a physical phenomena and examines it from various perspectives. I am looking forward to see the next step in this line. Maybe in 2010?

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