Nomad brush for iPad by Don Lee

published in: Design By Costas Voyatzis, 09 February 2011

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photo © Nomad brush LLC, 2011

Being an architect-artist who has spent the last 14 years of his professional life practicing in New York, Don Lee one day decided to take a one year sabbatical.  And guess what? During this time he discovered the iPad world and its sketching applications.  Although he really tried hard to use his fingers while sketching on his digital canvas, he wasn't satisfied with his painting results and the Nomad Brush for iPad was born.

Sketching with the Nomad Brush and iPad, video © Nomad brush LLC, 2011

Don Lee invented this unique paintbrush, which is carefully handcrafted featuring soft and flexible bristles made from a blend of natural and conductive fibers which give instant feedback to the artist, making it a perfect tool for drawing and painting on the iPad.  If you are interested to discover the potential of Lee's brush all you have to do is to order your own for $24.00 USD at the official website of Nomad brush. 

PS. And if you are brave enough you can submit your creations on-line for making more people believe that sometimes blending technology with tradition may have awe-inspiring results!

Paintings with Nomad Brush on iPad
left: Rembrandt Study by David Kassan
right: Sketchbot Monochrome by Steve Talkowski

photo © Nomad brush LLC, 2011

photo © Nomad brush LLC, 2011

photo © Nomad brush LLC, 2011

photo © Nomad brush LLC, 2011


Nomad brush

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    media designer | 2011-02-10 01:40:06

    OUCH no auto play audio please. But on the other hand, thanks for this article. After I buy an iPad, the next thing I'll need is a Nomad Brush. Amazing stuff!

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