Pi table by Roderick Fry for Moaroom

published in: Design By Marcia Argyriades, 10 February 2010

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Roderick Fry & his son Arlo // photo by Nathalie JOUAN

Three steps and we’re ready to eat!  Yes, you’re reading Yatzer and not Martha Stewart, and this ain’t a cooking lesson, but in three simple steps you will have assembled the Pi dinning table which was designed by Roderick Fry.  Fry, wanted to create a simple, affordable and stable dinning table as his former dinning table (designed and manufactured by a large consumer brand), was “insulted for its instability” by a friend of his who happens to be a designer.

Pi table // photo by Nathalie JOUAN

Fry, set forth to design a flat-packing table which would reduce transportation, pollution and seasonal storage in today’s’ modern home.  He wanted to design a piece which would evolve with the seasons and the family’s needs.  However, was flat-packing enabling a stable dinning table?  Fry set the question out to a retired bridge engineer and achieved the goal he set without putting off on aesthetics.  The table has elegant, minimal design, with reference to Japanese traditional furniture using primary and natural materials such as metal and wood to create this three piece table.

Roderick Fry & his son Arlo // photo by Nathalie JOUAN

The three components of the table include two metal legs and a wooden surface.  These three pieces get assembled easily without the usage of screws or Alan keys.  The angled legs allow for the table top to slide easily through them and viola,
your French design, constructed and manufactured table is almost ready!  The final step is to secure the angle of the legs by their rotation; this last step secures the pressure on the connection of the table top making Pi incredibly secure and stable. The dinning table was most probably named Pi after the Greek letter  where we all remember after endless hours of equations that equals 3.14! 

Pi table // photo by Nathalie JOUAN

The best thing of all about Pi is that its table top is totally eco-friendly as it can be recycled at any given point in time!  Thus allowing for a flexible interior design suggestion as with the change of your table top you are open to a wide variety of designs for your dinning area!   You can use natural wood, an old antique door, floor even or boards. The possibilities for a creative table top are endless, put your creativity to work and you’ll just have the most unique table in town! The design of this table has made it easily transferable and can be disassembled easily if you need to move to a new house.

The Pi table is available at Moaroom

Pi table's components // photo by Nathalie JOUAN



  • friend
    joe | 2010-02-10 20:22:31

    i like it!

  • friend
    thierry | 2010-02-10 23:49:10

    looks like the nomad table of matilda ringner http://cribcandy.com/home/new/matilda-ringner-nomad-table/41234/

  • friend
    Zoe | 2010-02-11 14:42:30

    sheer beauty in its simplicity!

  • friend
    Helle Harder | 2010-03-19 10:12:04

    Good thinking, Batman!

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