So (beautiful) sushi by POINT

published in: Restaurants/Bars By Guest, 15 October 2009

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photo ©  Enrico Muraro

Guest Contribution by Doya Karolini

Sosushi is the result of an old stationery store deep seated in the historical urban tissue of Turin// Italy; being -almost magically- turned into a very cool and fashion oriented sushi bar by POINT, an Italian based architectural office.

Clearly referring to the minimal tradition of contemporary architecture, the designers and architects succeed in transforming this space –with the help of clean cut shapes emphasized by matte white finishing and furniture details colored magenta- where a deep research on structure and shapes contribute to define a project where each detail is really not just left up to chance. A space, that actually is a harmonious composition balanced through the use of Plexwood, at its best to host hungry yet food conscious and design oriented individuals.

photo ©  Enrico Muraro

The architects Marco Verrando & Francesca Rossotti (POINT office), say that this very use of Plexwood is also the formal language chosen “in the deep research of an order and refinement that distinguish all our architectures, not avoiding pragmatism”.

And well, that says it -pretty much- all.

photo ©  Enrico Muraro

photo ©  Enrico Muraro

Architects: POINT ( Marco Verrando // Francesca Rossotti )
Location: Turin, ITALY

Client: SOSUSHI srl
Constructed Area: 45 sqm

Project Year: 2009

photo ©  Enrico Muraro

photo ©  Enrico Muraro

floor plan  ©  UAU


POINT architectural office

  • friend
    konstantinos | 2009-10-15 21:18:36

    ooooh. magenta details. I love it!

  • friend
    yg | 2009-11-04 08:55:06

    definately, the designer create a very great, amazing space and design, but unfortunately, it doesn't reflect the business natura and never fully utilise the space. In term of the business point of view, designer never help the onwer to bring more business. It could be good if this is the retail shop but it does'r look good to work as a restaurant.......

  • friend
    Francesca | UAU | 2009-11-30 13:27:12

    Dear Yg, thankyou very much for your comment, we are very glad you liked our design!! As regards the loss of space please note that this is not a restaurant, but a take-away bar, specialized in fast launches and delivery. Thankyou very much for the interest in, best, francesca

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