The Lazerian jewelry creatures

published in: Fashion By Guest, 10 February 2009

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Triarthrus bangle

Guest Contribution by Vera Tay Shumei

Inspired by  the animals and the sea creatures which were discovered by the famous German biologist Ernst Haeckel in the late 1800's, Lazerian’s latest in jewelry has indeed integrated the same quasi-organic form into the bangles that can now be purchased here. Carefully constructed at the Lazerian atelier, only the highest quality polypropylene is contorted with brass fittings into the sinuous designs that promises to last for years to come. Despite its form, the polypropylene’s surprisingly lightweight yet durable quality makes it a safe buy even for the careless. The Environmentally conscious would be pleased to know that the material is indeed recyclable.

Strophomena bangle

Stephanophyllia bangle

Lichas bangle

Hippopus bangle

hexinastrum bangle

Eucharis bangle

Carmaris bangle


More Lazerian projects at Yatzer :

Light Modulator by Lazerian



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  • friend
    Sarah Soon | 2009-02-10 17:56:22

    In a day and age where caring for the environment is becoming increasingly important, it is inspiring to see designs being made of materials that can be recycled. This definitely takes art to a different level!

  • friend
    Ben | 2009-02-10 19:53:00

    These are gorgeous -- I like the way that they are "skeletal" but don't seem as rigid as a skeleton per se -- they have an interesting free-flowy/wavy shape which is very reminiscent of the sea-life they're trying to evoke.

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