The first floating hotel in Sweden

published in: Travel By Costas Voyatzis, 31 December 2008

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Salt & Sill’s history goes back just over 10 years, with the present owners. Susanna och Patrick Hermansson are, through the company Salt & Co, the third set of owners for this now famous restaurant on Klädesholmen, the Herring Island. Their passion for food and people became the starting point for this internationally acclaimed restaurant, and now also for Sweden’s first floating hotel.
In October 2008, Sweden’s first floating hotel opened alongside the famous restaurant "Salt & Sill". The hotel will be a meeting and conference venue with 46 beds, and will be open all year round. At the hotel, guests can work and socialise in an inspiring environment, enjoy good food and drink, and then fall asleep to the sound of lapping waves. Despite the serene setting, there is plenty of opportunity for exciting and fun activities, with focus on the sea or food & drink. The staff members are professional and service-minded and do their outmost to look after – not the customer – but the individual person. Salt & Sill is a hotel and meeting place with a cosy, personal atmosphere, and a style characterised by modern Scandinavian simplicity.

Salt & Sill has always been passionate about the environment. With food, it’s about using local raw materials as far as possible. During the building of the floating hotel, protecting the environment has obviously been at the top of the agenda. The establishment should have a positive impact on outdoor pursuits and recreation, and should have little or no effect on the living environment, safety or communications on the island. Neither should it cause any significant noise pollution, nor pollution of air, land or water. The excavating rock left over from the building work will be used to build a new lobster reef outside the hotel, which will benefit both fish and shellfish. The marine life underneath the floating pontoons is expected to increase, and will include a mussel purification plant. Naturally, the hotel will be heated using the surrounding water.

More details about the Salt & Sill Hotel + restaurant can be found here


Salt & Sill

  • friend
    brooklyngator | 2009-01-02 05:10:35

    This is just a paired down cruise ship... or a neighborhood of house boats. Nothing to see here.

  • friend
    Shahrzad | 2009-01-04 00:55:21

    I really enjoyed this new thoght and beautiful place and situation. I hope to see and be in this calm and cosy place and work in this kind of hotel, since i'm e receptionist ina hotel but not in a hotel like yours, dreamy one, and maybe I could share my traditional delicious food too.

  • friend
    hani | 2009-01-04 08:48:07

    it would be so intresting a weekend on the sea

  • friend
    Report | 2009-01-04 11:27:09

    that is a good idea to have a hotel on a river not riverside!

  • friend
    NINA | 2009-01-04 16:17:02

    O0O0OH! that`s very enjoyable to be there! it would be so soothing!

  • friend
    Ariana | 2009-01-04 18:54:24

    It's Not a Nice disigned hotel,So Funny!!! Ha...HaHaHa.....

  • friend
    reza | 2009-01-05 13:34:15

    Ooh, morning you wake up and see you're under water and you're not alive anymore :)

  • friend
    Web Hosting | 2009-02-08 11:03:23

    It looks more like a set of apartments than a luxury hotel. I wonder why they did not go for a luxury yacht or a cruise liner!

  • friend
    Matt Kent | 2011-03-25 05:53:44

    This is great for Sweden! There are many floating hotels around the world now. Some are 5 star whilst others are in between a house boat and a guest house. The Gold Coast in Australia have many houseboats for vacationers.

  • friend
    Daniel | 2011-07-28 11:03:11

    This is certainly something you just need to go and experience in person. The floating hotel in Sweden will get everybody talking for sure. The hotel looks actually pretty cozy and relaxing, perfect for those who want to spend some time on the sea. I hope you don’t get seasick, though.

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