V.O.W N°3 // The story of the last glass eye maker in Britain

published in: Interviews By Ricardo Hernandez, 21 January 2011

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V.O.W N°3 (Video Of the Week, 17-23 January 2011)
A story of commitment and dedication to craft. It is said that to master anything, it must be done for 10,000 hours. Jost Haas, a German native working from London, blows into a small glass tube to shape and form glass eyes with a technique that has been used for nearly two hundred years. Directed by Tomas Leach and filmed in 16mm by Ben Todd, the story of this glass maker demonstrates the importance of serving his clients and how that demand keeps him moving forward carrying on this old and traditional eye glass making technique.

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Tomas Leach

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    klaus | 2011-01-27 14:06:36


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    Flloriano | 2011-07-06 05:24:43

    In Brazil there is a special company who makes the eye glass! Called Pinheiro Proteses, google it!

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    Cheyanne | 2011-09-24 09:03:50

    So much info in so few words. Tolstoy could learn a lot.

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