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Natalie Portman, BLACK SWAN

V.O.W N°15 (Video Of the Week, 11 - 17 April 2011)

The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles has put up a major solo exhibition of fashion designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte, their first solo show on the West Coast. Their dresses at Black Swan movie of Darren Aronofsky have captured everyone’s attention and their beautiful designs along with their extraordinary details on garments can be seen during the Exhibition '''States of Matter''. The exhibition is curated by MOCA Associate Curator Rebecca Morse, and designed by Alexandre de Betak. Through the following short film, the designers speak about their costumes, their concept, and their sources of inspiration. The beautiful music, which accompanies the short film, provides a beautiful ambience and the words of each one of the designers’ travels you to their magical world of garments and textures.

Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte received their bachelor's degrees in liberal arts from UC Berkeley in 2001. Following their graduations, they returned to their home in Pasadena and launched Rodarte in 2005. Since then, they have launched 12 collections and won multiple awards, including the CFDA Womenswear Designer of the Year in 2009.  ''Renowned for its expressive use of textiles,  Rodarte creates unusual works through a highly elaborate and intensive processing and reconstruction of materials. Fabrics are often subjected to unusual, sometimes alchemical methods of alteration— dyed, stretched, stained, burned, or otherwise manipulated—before being reassembled as sculptural ready-to-wear. Materials are woven, knitted, or layered together as assemblages of plaid scraps, vinyl, cheesecloth, wool, cobweb, Swarovski crystals, macramé, leather, and more.''

The exhibition at MOCA will be on display from March 4th until June 5th 2011

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