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published in: Fashion By Guest, 23 April 2009

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Guest Contribution by Doya Karolini

Samsonite Black Label has collaborated with Viktor & Rolf to produce a range of luggage and accessories following their well-established link with Alexander McQueen.
The collection is inspired by the golden age of travel, yet with a Viktor & Rolf twist, making them look like toys with colourful aeroplane prints, large bows and oversized hardware.
"To emphasise the fun of the collection, we developed a white custom-built 1960’s airport, complete with aircraft, ground vehicles and crew. The resulting images are being used for all of the marketing materials, PR, events and in-store promotion. We continue to work with Samsonite as their global design agency, responsible for all below-the-line art direction and printed marketing materials." Victor & Rolf

After the Mcqueen collaboration its now turn of Fashion Duo Victor & Rolf to design some fancy luggage for Samsonite - Here is a sneak pick into the new Samsonite Black Label By Viktor & Rolf collection. The line has launched in part exclusively at Colette on February 10th. Inspired by the early jet years of the ‘50s and ‘60s, the maverick duo’s designs for Samsonite Black Label are given a distinctively modern twist. Alluding to the heady days of the dawn of the jet age, a time when travelling to new destinations was full of optimism, excitement and glamour, the collection features a characteristically playful vintage aeroplane print or a classic black.


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  • friend
    royal creme | 2009-04-24 21:24:35

    It's the black ones that really stand out to me though I would much prefer to do away with the ribbons.

  • friend
    RACHEL | 2009-06-16 21:26:31

    I LOVE THIS COLLECTION!!! Where can I purchase in Australia??

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