When Neil Barrett met AquiliAlberg Architects

published in: Fashion By Marcia Argyriades, 10 March 2010

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Image Courtesy of AquiliAlberg Architects // photo © Fabrizio Marchesi

Sometimes we get fancy gift-wrapping and a somewhat expected gift which does not accompany the exterior wrap!  Although the best alternative is to try to look for the content and not for the fancy wrapping; but what happens when wrapping and the content are equally weighed?  I guess that’s the best formula!  Such is the case with Neil Barrett, fashion designer and AquiliAlberg Architects

Image Courtesy of pixelformula.com // photo © Yannis Vlamos

Recently, Neil Barrett cooperated with Milan-based architectural and design studio AquiliAlberg for the presentation of his Milan Autumn-Winter 2010 Menswear Collection // ICONIC HYBRID.  The designer chose two of AquiliAlberg’s sculptural installations to be set as the background for the show.  ICONIC HYBRID emphasizes the designer’s specific style who tends to cut garments in various shapes and forms and then merges them to create new patterns as a result he fashioned HYBRIDS. The achromatic colors used on Barrett’s clothing spectacularly bonded well with the runway setting.  Shapes of all types and sizes made pieces of the garment. 

Image Courtesy of AquiliAlberg Architects // photo © Fabrizio Marchesi

plan by AquiliAlberg Architects

Image Courtesy of AquiliAlberg Architects // photo © Fabrizio Marchesi

Set against the sculptural setting which was designed by AquiliAlberg, the collection portrayed the contrast in how architecture can influence fashion.  The installation sets forth for an innovative interpretation of space, (the installation is a variation on the design studio's work for “The Fragile City” exhibition at Triennale di Milano).  The “sliced surfaces generate a complex, yet controlled volume, obtained through three-dimensional digitalization”.  The achromatic colors used by the materials which constitute the clothing of this collection have been also used for the installation.  The complex, three-dimensional digitalized shapes of the installation can be easily spotted on the clothing as well in proportional sizes; leaving the crowd with various interpretations between the architectural interior and the setting.

Image Courtesy of AquiliAlberg Architects

plans by AquiliAlberg Architects

The white runway with the black projection line created a path and a continuation which subconsciously led the spectator following the model to the end of the runway and back without taking their eyes off the model not even for a second.  The shapes used give the installation as well as the runway a spatial complexity.  The linear approach creates a kaleidoscopic feel which differs according to the physical position.
Neil Barrett and AquiliAlberg have carefully shown the inspiration which fashion draws from architecture.  Barrett has been fascinated and inspired by architecture, interiors and the interrelation between these areas and fashion.  In 2008 he opened his own Concept Flagship Store in Tokyo, designed by Zaha Hadid, where the architectural use of curves and layers is visibly strong.


Neil barrett , Aquilialberg

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About Aquilialberg

Aquilialberg is a visionary and innovative international architectural and design practice based in Milan, founded by Laura Aquili & Ergian Alberg in 2006, with extensive experience in the fields of architecture, urbanism, infrastructure and design on different scale levels. From 1999 Laura Aquili & Ergian Alberg have been responsible of various projects in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Milan, Rome, London and Beijing, gaining experience in the fields of design and architecture at Zaha Hadid, OMA (Rem Koolhaas), UNStudio (Ben Van Berkel & Caroline Bos), ONL (Kas Oosterhuis & Ilona Lenard) and Massimiliano Fuksas. Aquilialberg collaborations include: Moroso, Corian by Dupont, Serralunga, Fiam, Ritzenhoff, La Triennale di Milano and Christie’s auction house for whom they designed the new Italian headquarter in Milan.

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  • friend
    Tricia | 2010-03-10 21:27:27

    good, clean and timeless.

  • friend
    Konstantinos Bompolas | 2010-03-11 14:44:33

    Fantastic dynamic. Sharp and clear form. Great fit to the demonstrated clothes. Marvelous.

  • friend
    chinak | 2010-03-12 13:28:53

    congratulations the two diferente entrances the light the tones of colours im a Arquitect and this is good work thinking out of the box and nice too see the combination arquitecture and fashion design

  • friend
    Steve | 2010-04-27 02:34:44

    This is very cool. Love the clean lines.

  • friend
    Maricel | 2010-06-10 01:32:28

    I like design of the stage. More appealing compared if you'll use an ordinary stage. The sort of 3D illusion fits the theme of the fashion show. Pretty cool in everyone's eyes.

  • friend
    ooliu | 2010-07-01 06:35:10

    εˆ°ι ‚

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