Zirkumflex presents 'BotoxCloud', an interactive Installation by SAQ

published in: Art By Stefania Vourazeri, 02 February 2011

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Image Courtesy of SAQ

M.I.A’s ‘Paper Planes’ song would definitely love to dance its way through the “BotoxCloud”, the interactive installation made by design agency SAQ based in Brussels and Berlin. German creative company Zirkumflex, on the occasion of the first edition of DAS weekend and Transmediale 2011, presents “BotoxCloud”, a reactive modular lighting system which hovers over you head like a cloud. The exhibition is organized in partnership with Chrololux and Zumtobel.

Image Courtesy of SAQ

BotoxCloud’s”design and physical orientation has a futuristic touch, which explores the idea of pluralistic or probabilistic architecture. In other words, the installation yields various possible structural manifestations. For example, when the light comes through the paper models, its physicality changes. Its light reflective nature and its polygonic configuration give an impression of an ever-changing design object. Similarly, the title “BotoxCloud” comes as no surprise. Like a cloud, the interactive installation constantly transforms and progresses creating news images for the viewers.

Image Courtesy of SAQ

Image Courtesy of SAQ

The paper models are cut and folded in a certain way. They create interesting patterns and representations and in this way engage the audience both visually and mentally. The installation uses design as a medium through which the complexities of the surrounding world could be comprehended. In this project, the complexities of the weather are demonstrated through the abstracted composition of the paper models, which consist the “BotoxCloud”.

Image Courtesy of SAQ

In collaboration with Zirkumflex, SAQ will publish a limited edition cut and fold print of the paper models used in the installation. This limited edition is made of two abstract paper models, which can be constructed individually or combined in various connections, both large and small, capturing the light like clouds on a sunny day.

Don’t miss “BotoxCloud” which will be on display from January 28 until February 26, 2011 daily from 2-7pm. (Fontanestraße 25, 12049 Berlin, Germany)


Zirkumflex, a multi-faceted creative company, is both a design studio and project platform in Berlin.
SAQ is a conceptual and interdisciplinary design agency specialized in developing spatial sceneries and concepts.

Image Courtesy of SAQ

Edition 1 // Image Courtesy of SAQ

Image Courtesy of SAQ

Edition Specifications
Language: English
Print: black
Paper: Chromolux 250 g/m2
Opened size: 67 * 97 cm
Closed size: 35,5 * 43,5 cm
Finishing: Die-cutting, embossing
Items: 2
Edition: 500

Edition 2 // Image Courtesy of SAQ

Project credits:
Project leader: Drew Seskunas
Project team Tibor Bartholomä, Joel Dunmore, Florian Lippe, Irene Per
Coordination: Brice Delarue
Press & Public relation: Cédric Bouvard
Graphic design: Zirkumflex
Translation: Linn Leißner, Magali
Photos: Brice Dellastrada, Laura Gianetti


Zirkumflex , SAQ

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