A Visual Journey into the Olive Groves of Crete

23 November 2014 {6} Comments

GAEA, the Greek food brand, has produced a captivating short film about the olive groves of Crete and the stories of the people who take care of them - released in tandem with a limited edition luxurious gift box. [...]

Honouring Tradition and Craft: The 'Original Spirits' Campaign by Mount Gay

05 November 2014 No Comments

Mount Gay, the world's oldest existing rum house, collaborates with creative agency Protein and invites us to discover the work of four young creatives who like to put hands-on craft and the artisanal spirit above everything else. [...]

Song Qi, Monaco’s First Gourmet Chinese Restaurant

06 July 2014 {1} Comment

Striking in its elegance and Art Deco drama, everyone seems to be talking about Song Qi in Monaco. With Michelin starred Chef Alan Yau at its helm, the food served at the principality’s first gourmet Chinese restaurant is excellent. [...]

The Written Words of a Ledger Account are Transformed into a New ‘Masterpiece’ for Ruinart

24 June 2014 No Comments

During Art Basel 2014, Ruinart, the world's oldest champagne house, presents the second part of its latest collaboration with visual artist Georgia Russell, which involves the transformation of an 18th-century relic into a magnificent paper sculpture. [...]

The Geometry of Pasta

Living in a time where eating is an obsession and where being a foodie who incessantly discusses the top brunch spots or the best places to buy rare ingredients could not be more in vogue, nothing is as exciting as a well-designed and convention pushing cookbook. And 'The Geometry of Pasta' is indeed one such thing. [...]

Georgia Russell Shines A New Light On Ruinart’s Blanc de Blancs

04 April 2014 No Comments

Artist Georgia Russell has recently collaborated with Ruinart, the oldest house of French champagne, drawing inspiration from its long history, tradition and exquisite wines. Watch the videos and discover how a delicate paper sculpture captures the essence of Ruinart’s ancient chalk cellars. [...]

Piet Boon Studio Transformed A church Into 'The Jane' Restaurant in Antwerp

30 March 2014 {9} Comments

Hail Jane, full of grace: Piet Boon studio has transformed the church of a former military hospital into Michelin-star chef Sergio Herman and chef Nick Bril’s new restaurant of in Antwerp, Belgium. [...]

Red’s True Barbecue Ιn Τhe Ηeart Οf Manchester’s Albert Square

14 March 2014 No Comments

Low’ n slow barbecue might just be food to you but it is a religion for others. Blacksheep has created a new dining experience in Manchester that layers the rustic qualities that meat lovers love with their relationship with the beast. Pure genius, Red’s True Barbecue takes you from a city environment straight into the fairgrounds of the USA in a unique restaurant experience.  [...]