The Intricate (And Non-Wearable) Fashion of Nikoline Liv Andersen

08 April 2014 No Comments

Working on the intersection between fashion design and visual art, Danish fashion designer Nikoline Liv Andersen creates elaborate garments that are not meant to be worn. Instead, they are almost a  stage for experimentation and for telling stories about human nature and our way of life. Read her interview she gave us on the occasion of her participating in this year’s Ventura Lambrate in Milan. [...]

The Firebird Tutu: A Short Film By Brent Rowland

20 March 2014 No Comments

Perhaps the dance world’s most iconic garment, the ballerina’s tutu has many secrets and tricks in its construction. Follow costume designer David Heuvel as he demonstrates the process of making this extravagant skirt in this short documentary by Brent Rowland. [...]

Romantic Spirit: Captivating Visual Art by Ville Andersson

25 February 2014 No Comments

Young Finnish visual artist Ville Andersson creates photographs, drawings and paintings that fearlessly delve into the darkest corners of our emotional world. [...]

The Unbearable Lightness of BEEing: Tomáš Libertíny Talks To Yatzer About His Extraordinary Collaboration With Honey Bees

26 November 2013 {3} Comments

Pioneering designer Tomáš Libertíny creates breathtaking objects of wonder with a little help from his trusty ally which is none other than the humble honeybee. [...]

There Is Only One HOPE In Greece

30 October 2013 {1} Comment

Greek multidisciplinary artist HOPE talks to Yatzer about the significance of art as a public forum, and how temples sometimes look better when in ruins. [...]

Theo-Mass Lexileictous {Interview With A Postdigitalist}

22 October 2013 No Comments

In what might be the most unusual Yatzer post ever, Cypriot media-artist Theo-Mass talks about his work, his methods and his future plans. [...]

Duncan Davidson: Beauty Is In The Detail

21 October 2013 No Comments

If one had to roughly describe the work of American photographer James Duncan Davidson, it would have to be all about landscapes, street photography and portraits, all however, paying homage to artistic and architectural details. [...]

Marina Abramović Gives A Virtual Tour Of MAI

29 July 2013 No Comments

Heavyweight artist and visionary Marina Abramović has been making waves with her ground-breaking performances since the 1970s. She is now bequeathing her legacy to the world through creating a unique venue for the archiving, creation, study and realisation of long-durational performances. [...]