Children of the Light: Calliope’s New Book and Greece’s Image Crisis

Skira Publishers have the second book of Greek photographer Calliope 'Children of the Light' - a visual tribute to Greece's youth and timeless beauty. But how does that contradict the country's current image in international media? [...]

Photographer Rémi Noël’s Magical Road Trip Across America

21 April 2015 {1} Comment

Through his grainy black and white images, French photographer Rémi Noël explores the mythologies and symbols of contemporary American culture. [...]

'Faces + Masks' Series by Nikos Vavdinoudis Captures Northern Greece’s Odd and Unusual Customs

05 April 2015 {8} Comments

Greek photographer Nikos Vavdinoudis captures the amazing costumes and rituals of rural communities in Northern Greece through his Faces + Masks series. [...]

Light Portraits by Foscarini

02 April 2015 No Comments

Shadow, balance, rhythm, lightness, freedom, warmth, chaos and fire: just some of the words that have been poetically redefined through the beautiful light-portraiture of the latest ‘RITRATTI’ catalogue by Italian light manufacturer Foscarini. [...]

Exploring the Cinematic Chronicles of Formento + Formento

09 March 2015 {1} Comment

BJ and Richeille Formento travel around the world, creating highly inspirational visual series that deal with the human persona as prime matter that can be re-shaped through the most unconventional of scenarios. [...]

The Message Is One: All Love Is Equal!

14 February 2015 {6} Comments

Shot in over six different magical locations around the world, New York-based photographer Braden Summers' series 'All Love Is Equal' celebrates equality, love and romance. [...]

Moonlit Modernist Villas by Photographer Tom Blachford

11 February 2015 No Comments
20 February 2015 - 20 February 2015

Iconic modernist villas in Palm Springs, California were captured in the light of a full moon by Australian photographer Tom Blachford. [...]

Give a Bit of Mmh to Me! {NSFW}

11 February 2015 {1} Comment

On the occasion of the release of the much-awaited Fifty Shades of Grey film this week, we have prepared a selection of images that are… well, quite and you could say appropriately in the mood. [...]