Father to Son: Documenting the Subtle Details of a Powerful Bond

21 June 2015 {1} Comment

Yatzer contributor Eleni Papaioannou reflects on family bonds and photographer Kristen Schmid's heart-warming 'Father to Son' project. [...]

The Incurable Egoist: Masahisa Fukase at the Diesel Gallery in Tokyo, Japan

16 June 2015 No Comments
29 May 2015 - 14 August 2015

Τhe Diesel Art Gallery in Tokyo presents ‘‘The Incurable Egoist’’, a retrospective of influential 20th-century Japanese photographer Masahisa Fukase. [...]

True Lies: Suggestive Fashion Photography by FAKEDCANDID

04 June 2015 No Comments

Singapore-based art duo FAKEDCANDID conjured an insinuating yet brightly coloured photo campaign for the new collection of indie fashion label SOMEWHERE NOWHERE. [...]

Expressive Animal Portraits by Vincent Lagrange

03 June 2015 {1} Comment

Belgian photographer Vincent Lagrange takes expressive portraits of pets and wild animals for his Human Animal project. [...]

Children of the Light: Calliope’s New Book and Greece’s Image Crisis

Skira Publishers have the second book of Greek photographer Calliope 'Children of the Light' - a visual tribute to Greece's youth and timeless beauty. But how does that contradict the country's current image in international media? [...]

Photographer Rémi Noël’s Magical Road Trip Across America

21 April 2015 {1} Comment

Through his grainy black and white images, French photographer Rémi Noël explores the mythologies and symbols of contemporary American culture. [...]

'Faces + Masks' Series by Nikos Vavdinoudis Captures Northern Greece’s Odd and Unusual Customs

05 April 2015 {8} Comments

Greek photographer Nikos Vavdinoudis captures the amazing costumes and rituals of rural communities in Northern Greece through his Faces + Masks series. [...]

Light Portraits by Foscarini

02 April 2015 No Comments

Shadow, balance, rhythm, lightness, freedom, warmth, chaos and fire: just some of the words that have been poetically redefined through the beautiful light-portraiture of the latest ‘RITRATTI’ catalogue by Italian light manufacturer Foscarini. [...]