The Past and Present of Mercedes Benz Racing Cars in One Monumental Sculpture by Gerry Judah

02 July 2014 No Comments

Celebrated British sculptor Gerry Judah has been commissioned every year since 1997 to create the monumental centerpiece for the Goodwood Festival of Speed, featuring real cars from the world’s top brands. This year he decided to lift off two of Mercedes Benz’s legendary Silver Arrows... [...]

Explore The Amazon In A Luxurious Riverboat

02 April 2014 {9} Comments

Imagine discovering places only a fortunate few have ever visited,  traveling deep into the mystical Amazon rainforest, exploring the unexplored, while floating in luxury on board your own private five star home. Imagine that - together with impeccable service, adventure and great food. [...]

Running On Air: The Halfbike Tricycle By Design Lab Kolelinia

18 March 2014 No Comments

Introducing the Halfbike: a mobility solution that aspires to become part of our everyday lives, designed by Martin Angelov and Kolelinia design lab. [...]

The Audi Quattro Festkogl Alm At The Diamond Of The Alps

10 March 2014 {2} Comments

The Audi Quattro Festkogl Alm is situated in the most central point of this well renowned ski area famous for its high altitudes and guaranteed snow; the perfect setting to showcase sleek contemporary experiences to jack that heart rate up, and for a number of reasons. [...]

Airline: Style at 30,000 Feet

19 February 2014 No Comments

From the luxurious ‘flying boats’ of the 1930’s to today’s sleek and crowded jet planes, Keith Lovegrove’s book ‘Airline: Style at 30,000 Feet’ gives an insightful overview of almost a century of airline design and its surrounding culture. [...]

The Silence Of Dogs In Cars By Martin Usborne

17 February 2014 {2} Comments

Silence and solitude prevail as dogs take the back seat inside locked vehicles in a haunting series by fine art photographer Martin Usborne. [...]

The Slowest High-Speed Images Of Bursting Cars Ever Captured

13 January 2014 {1} Comment

Discover how visual artist Fabian Oefner finds ways to ‘stop time’ for his photography series of exploding cars, now on display at the art gallery of Swiss watch manufacturer Maximilian Büsser and Friends. [...]

Jony Ive And Marc Newson Join Forces For Bono's (RED) Charity Auction At Sotheby's

21 November 2013 No Comments

In what could be the greatest design auction of all time, leading designers and manufacturers from around the world have come together to raise funds for HIV/AIDS victims in Africa. [...]