Jonas Jurgaitis designs

published in: Design By Guest, Feb 10th 2009

TUFTY by Jonas Jurgaitis

Guest Contribution by Pascal Panagiotidis

If Design is about surprising then you should have a look at Jonas Jurgaitis’ objects. This Lithuanian designer likes to amaze us by creating “functional sculptures” as he likes to call his projects. What he really wants to achieve is minimal, geometrical concepts that can be comfortable at the same time. In order to achieve this, he uses precise architectural proportions that ensure the functionality of the project. Have a look at his most representative concepts and smile!

VECTOR by Jonas Jurgaitis

text by the designer
The "things" I`m creating not necessary fit under description of furniture.I prefer to call them functional sculptures. Amazement, good emotion, a smile - that`s what I am after. If somebody wonders " can you sit on this ...thing?", then I have succeded. My previous work, albeti unnamed, were of complex, somethimes "baroque" More recently I am working towards geometrical, minimalist appearance and construction, precise architectural proportions. Ergonomics and production technology get a lot of attention, so all my newest furniture designs are comfortable and ready for serial production.

ALIEN by Jonas Jurgaitis

JU-JU by Jonas Jurgaitis

OPS by Jonas Jurgaitis


Jonas Jurgaitis , thanks to Jacques Guy

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