Adam Scott recently graduated from UWIC (University of Wales Institute, Cardiff) with a 1st Class Honours. He is an ambitious, strong and capable designer with strengths in concept generation, 2D/3D CAD, presentation skills, engineering and product development. Sustainability and biomimicry are important inspirations for his design style. Designing is a passion that he has always had and he wishes to pursue a career in design. In his spare time (and when the weather is good!) he likes to go surfing. He is also a beach lifeguard and qualified surf coach. His love for the beach and the water led him to the design of  "SIT DOWN", obviously inspired by a surfboard

Adam Scott describes his  "SIT DOWN" below:

The aim of the piece was to provide a juxtaposition and a contradiction for the perceived usages of a product. For example a surfboard is destined for a life of extreme and energetic use but is now reduced to the opposite and the fundamental desire of the lazy - sitting. Aimed to be placed in an office environment 'SIT DOWN' would provide a very relaxing and calming form of escapism from cabin fever, personnel may sit and imagine the lapping of the waves and the cool sea breeze instead of the low drum of the office humidifier and endless chattering of phone calls unanswered.

SIT DOWN by Adam Scott

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