Project: DOS architects staircase
Location: London, UK
Architect: DOS architects, London
Lighting concept: WORKS.PSLAB
Lighting fixtures: PRODUCTS.PSLAB (genuine old car headlights)
Completion date: June 2008

For the new offices of DOS architects in London, .PSLAB, the Beirut based team of 40 architects, designers, engineers and technicians dedicated to light, applied its customized approach to create A lighting installation for the new offices of DOS architects located at the second floor of a refurbished old building in London.

The system consists of a collection of genuine old car headlights of different sizes and shapes, equipped with incandescent lamps, and upgraded with a wall-mounting fixation detail. These are connected to each other with thick red wires and create a network of lights. The network spreads along the full double volume of the staircase in order to cast light onto the whole of the facing wall and the artworks it features.

Mar Mikheal Street, Beirut Lebanon
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Staircase light installation by .PSLAB

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