Cómic table by SLK

Once again the heart of design beated in Madrid. Between 27th and 31st March all the eyes focused on 360 Interiorhome and Casaparalela exhibitions that offered a contemporary vision on what is happening right now in design and decoration.

360 Intriorhome, the new fair project designed by IFEMA for the furniture and exclusive decoration sector, brought together the new features of more than one hundred Spanish and foreign exhibitors in a 11,500 m2 exhibition area. Based on the concepts of interior design, architecture and window-dressing, it was launched with success and created high expectations for the future.

"Carmen Stool"" by Mermelada studio

Casaparalela, for the fifth consecutive year, spred a fresh air in town and involved a series of activities in order to promote young and innovative designers, including the sections known as Econciencia, Abecedario Designer's Market and Low-Cost Design as well as the Fist International Contract and Cutting-Edge Architecture Congress. In its 10,200 m2 exhibition area, Casaparalela offered a voice to an entirely new generation of designers, together with their ideas designed to boost competitiveness through the incorporation of a new sense of creativity.

One could easily perceive the enthusiasm of the visitors getting in touch with the passion of the young talents that created an atmosphere of fervor and joyfulness, very Spanish indeed! Based on a similar desire to create a strong sense of synergy, the Fist International Contract and Cutting-Edge Architecture Congress was attended by a series of professionals who analyzed the latest trends, ideas and designs within the contract sector.

"Milk table" by Tuyo Design

Yatzer, of course, couldn’t have missed the event. We invite you to take a walk with us and enjoy inspiration and imagination at its best! Judging by what we saw, Spanish design is on a perfect state!

Abecedario Designer's Market project: This section offered an exhibition and a setting for the promotion of designers, interior decorators, associations and sectors linked to the world of design today. Nearly twenty designers, studios and schools presented their new projects, featuring endless points of interest both for members of the industry and the general public.

"Suspensa light" amongst other SLK creations

Sá chair by  Silka Barrio Dominguez for SLK

"Mesacómic" console  by SLK

"table with grass" by "Guiomar Contreras for HUNE (School of humanities & Business)

Installation by Emilio Laut for HUNE (School of humanities & Business)

on the wall : Installation by David Pérez Farnández for HUNE & "puzzle chair" by Ricardo Almendros for HUNE

table from "winter" collection of  Mermelada studio

"Maya" ceiling light by Mermelada studio

"Maya" floor lamp by Mermelada studio

Zip- lamps, Mi tables and nue cushion rug by g-led collective

"Obrasconluz light creations" by Juan Arroyo

Tuyo Design creations

Trykk hunger by Tuyo Design

"Symbiosis 1" bookshelf  by + Max

Pepa Prieto illustration for Pasajes Diseño Magazine

illustration by Pepa Prieto's portfolio

Estudio Litrama boys from  Estudio Litrama  in front of their illustration for DIV 504

"click art" coffeetable by  DIV 504

"two ways" bookshelf by DIV 504

Econciencia exhibition: For the second consecutive year, Casa Paralela featured the exhibition known as "Econciencia", an event organised in collaboration with the Spanish Institute for Energy Diversification and Energy Saving (IDAE). This project aims to include designers, creators, architects, engineers, project managers, interior designers, etc., in a campaign designed to raise awareness of the importance of energy saving, given that these are the professionals who have a direct influence on the daily items and products that we find within the home today

Useless lamp by Jorge Mañes Rubio for Econciencia project

"Losers installation" by Luis Urculo and Fátima Carrasco

INJUVE exhibition: The Youth Institute attached to the Ministry for Equality, presented an exhibition made up of the winning works from its design competition, Diseño Crea '08, an event that, in the past, has produced names as prestigious as Jaime Hayon, Héctor Serrano and Luis Eslava. It included works by Raúl Gómez, OBJ (Javier Taberner y Nacho Poveda), YONOH (Alejandro Selma y Clara Portillo), Estela Conesa, ferranElOtro (Ferrán Díaz), Kiitos design (Ana Pérez, Eva del Cotillo, Luisa Freaza y Olaya Navarro), KXdesigners (Xavier Tutó y Katia R. Glossmann), Xavier Mañosa, Diego Ramos, Rafael Zaragoza, Mireia Juan y Alberto Flores.

"Contents 02" lamp by KX designers

El Pissaró, Rectoficador 2.1 and Cow jars by Xavier Mañosa

gold series jars by Diego Ramos Carrascosa / a conceptual stool

IFEMA entrance

360 Interiorhome-Madrid

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