Guest Contribution by Anna Foskolou

“How did I wish to go to the ball!” said Cinderella. “But it is no use. Wishes never come true.”
“Never my dear?” said a voice.
Cinderella looked up. There stood a beautiful young woman with long dark hair and a floaty red dress.
“I am your fairy godmother,” she said. “I am here to give you your wish. Now let me see. We need real magic this time, we need... CHANEL!”
Having said that she raised her magic pen and started sketching and swirling faster and faster entangled in a star sprinkled mist until, all of a sudden, a form came into view, a form of exquisite elegance and power, striking and yet subtle like the night itself. The jet-black vehicle was everything the fairy godmother had promised, and more.
“I have never seen anything like it,” said Cinderella in awe, “but I was really hoping for a pair of Glass Slippers.”
“No, no, my dear. You tend to lose them all the time! We wouldn’t want that now, would we?”
But how will the prince find me?”
“This is the CHANEL Fiole! You’ll be very hard to miss!”

Jinyoung Jo in front of her presentation

Of course, this wasn’t exactly the case, but we blame solely the wonderful Miss Jinyoung Jo for coming up with an enchanting eye candy perfectly capable of making our imagination run wild! The South Korean student at the Hongik University blended luxury, fashion, and aerodynamics in a creation that could only be described as style on wheels. The CHANEL Fiole, French word for vial, is characterised by a futuristic design in black and white, the brand’s signature colours and Coco’s personal favourites.

The exterior features smooth flowing lines that resemble the folds of an ethereal fabric and add a touch of perpetual movement to it. A keen observer may notice the beautiful neckline outlined in the bonnet area. The rear wheels are covered, adding to the uniqueness of the design. But the Fiole wouldn’t be a CHANEL without the renowned double-C logo. The bumper and the rims of the wheels are adorned with diamond encrusted double-C logos for the essential touch of bling. An oversized logo can be seen on the sleek roof. This amazing automobile has three seats, two abreast and one staggered in between, but the true fashionista would keep the third one for her precious Chanel purse, so it goes without saying that this glamorous vehicle should be considered as a two-seater. 

Jinyoung Jo completes her presentation with a breathtaking video that could make even the high end automotive brands green with envy. Faithful to Chanel’s legacy, the talented designer sets the dream in motion, proving once more that effortless beauty is unsurpassed. The camera as if hypnotised, follows the lines and movement of this masterpiece and the viewer can’t help falling in love with it.


Jinyoung Jo managed to capture in her Fiole the essence of CHANEL, our kind of medicine! Because in the words of Coco herself “A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous” and the same goes for her car!

Coco's Fabmobile!

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