photo (c) d[x]i

The Cul is Cool Tour made its way to Valencia this year. First premiered in NYC last year, the Cul is Cool seat and photographic exhibition at Hat Gallery, curated by Ramon Ubeda and Pepa Reverter exposes the sensuality, provocativeness and sculptural qualities of the buttock shaped seat designed by Ramon Ubeda and Otto Canalda for ABR. The collection of seats was fully exhibited during Valencia Disseny Week 2010 accompanied by a series of creative photography showing the piece in full freedom.

photo (c) Bill Durgin

The first piece was released in 2006 and produced out of EPP, an expanded polypropylene plastic foam material. Its second development in 2009 introduces a new rigid polyurethane glossy lacquered version available in three colors (red, White, Black). The new collection exudes sophistication, art, sculptural qualities, and provocativeness. Seeking individuality, style, perspective and a unique experience, Ramon and Pepa invited other photographers to capture the piece from their own point of view.

photo (c) Nienke Klunder

Photographers include: Ibai Acevedo, Eugeni Aguilo, Apartamento, Carlos Casas, Gregori Civera, d[x]i, Bill Durgin, Christopher Mozsary, Juan Gatti, Jose Manuel Ferrater, Carlos Iglesias, Nienke Klunder, Miguel Llonch, Elisenda Fontarnau, Pedro Pegenaute, Diego Ramos, Porcuatro, Caterina Barjau, Sanchez and Montoro, Rafael Vargas, Manel Ubeda and Romulo Sans.

photo (c) Porcuatro

The photographic collection tells a unique story of the seat from many points of view. As the tour continues to roam the world, the photographic collection will add one more photographer adding a unique and personal point of view to the seat. Captured in diverse ways, the seat is used as a dialogue of art, design and other contemporary discourses. Through the collection, we see its practicality, provocativeness, sensuality through fashion, anatomical relationships and many others. The new collection embodies more art than design and the collaboration with photographers will continue to provide us with an on going story throughout the world.

photo (c) Manel Ubeda

photo (c) Gregori Civera

photo (c) Eugeni Aguilo

phot (c) Romulo Sans

photo (c) Carlos Casas

photo (c) Juan Gatti

Cul is Cool Tour lands in Valencia

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