"Like everyone else, I had become a
slave to the IKEA nesting instinct.
I would flip through catalogs and wonder,
"What kind of dining set defines me as a person?"-Narrator, Fight Club

Guest Contribution by Vera Tay Shumei

Spotted at the Maison & Objet Exhibition, Rémi’s furniture collection is an eclectic mix of dilapidated furniture and cast-off objects that range from (what appears to be) cheese boards to knitwear.
These little thrift-babies are then taken back, restored and transformed at the BuroZéro into unlikely pieces of furniture that make them “Meubles Mutants”.

About Rémi Perret : An architect by training, Rémi Perret graduated from the French National Architecture School of Paris-la-Villette with additional training in artisanal woodworking. This led him to create “The BuroZéro” which is a manual control workshop where he creates all his unique pieces through “the combinatory alchemy of recycling, recuperating, diverting and artistic creativity.”

“Here: no design, but only unique pieces that are matching more with a sculptural and poetic device.”

“Meubles Mutants” series
Objects and thrown away pieces of furniture are basic elements of Meubles Mutants elaboration process. Objects overproduction and over consumption phenomenas are an integral part of the creative approach. The City is becoming a huge exploration’s territory for recuperation. These objects, found in the street, are here reused like a beginning frame, where new grafts and extensions will knit together to form a new body, a new shape. Compound objects where the accumulation of rough and altered materials keeps close to smoother and more graphic finishes, assigning to the left object a brand new story. Trough those assembling where constructive intuition is primordial, transformation is operating. So each piece is leaving the piece of furniture normative domain for a more expressive dimension.

 *Besides furniture, Perret also produces collages and installations.(images below)

Rémi Perret’s Meubles Mutants

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