Avondvlinder  in a queue
Size:         appr. 2.7x3.5x0.8cm
Material:     Rings, titanium black

Dear Anne,
Last night it happened again: the little pig appeared once more, this time all covered in dark chocolate, and for the first time, it spoke to me. It told me that every story can have different endings and that I should already know the difference between a gun and an ice cream. Then, slowly, it opened an old suitcase that it was in front of me and, suddenly, millions and millions of green shoes started to dance around us. I tried to defend myself, using my golden gloves, but it didn’t work. When I woke up, I had the impression that the dream wasn’t over. Something was moving in my hands and when I took a look, I found that a little iron pig was sitting on my ring, smiling to me. Do you think I am losing my mind?

Kenau, original
Material: divers materials

Yes, Ted Noten’s creations are close to the world of the subconscious and no, you are not losing your mind. Ted’s creativity is present in his jewellery, his installations and his interior design projects. His latest adventure is called “Haunted by 36 Women” and is based on the archetypical perceptions of the Woman: the Femme Fatale, the Girl-next-door, the Suffragette, the Fashionista and so on.

As he explains, Noten has collected second hand accessories, construction material, jewels and cuddly toys to create an assemblage or portrait of each type of woman. By using the Rapid Prototyping technique, these assemblages are transmuted into scale models in every size and material possible, even as tiny as a ring. All details are visible in the object that is then built up from synthetic or precious metal powder, pressed into a ring or bracelet. This technique allows the jewellery maker to make rings suitable (and affordable!) for all clients. The last phase is a unique piece, cast in solid gold. We invite you to take a look at his amazing creations and who knows, you may have a little surprise while you sleep tonight!

Size:         47x35x22mm
Material:     Ring, 18kt gold

Fashionista in green
Material:     Necklace, glass filled nylon tumbled

Chocolate Hooker
Size:         40x35x21mm
Material:     Ring, nylon tumbled and dyed

braceletes / ice cream girl

ice cream girl




Macha ring
Size:         72x107x18mm
Material:     Ring, nylon tumbled

iron lady

ice cream girl (from side)

Femme Fatale rings
Size:         155x18x24mm
Material:     Ring, nylon black




‘Gejaagd door de wind’ (Gone with the Wind)
March 22- November 22, 2009
Location: Zuiderzeemuseum, Enkhuizen, The Netherlands
Curated by: Alexander van Slobbe & Francisco van Benthum
with: 'The revenge of the pearl necklace' by Ted Noten

NEW IDENTIFICATIONS for ‘Gejaagd door de wind’exhibition

'Ceramics and Architecture'
The European Ceramic Work Centre (ekwc.) shows over 20 cooperations between artists and architects.
October 17 - 25, 2009
Location: Eindhoven, The Netherlands
with: works from the cooperation between Ted Noten and Gustavo Crembil


Below you will find a quick overview directly from the portfolio of Atelier Ted Noten:

ice necklace

The Droog Collection (red)
100 Brooches / Mercedes-Benz E-classe 210 / 2003

The Smit Collection (white)
Brooches/ various sizes / Mercedes-Benz E-classe 210 /2001

Love Bag, 2005 
Material:ready-mades in gold, cast in acrylic, cultivated pearls

Superbitch Bag  2000
Work:  Gun casted in acrylic, snake skin handle
Dimensions: 23x22x7cm

Lady K, 2004
Work: Bag
Material:     engraved and heavily gold-plated gun and bullet/textile/chrome steel

RataSmile  2007
Work:Carry-on luggage
Material: Rat with diamond (mouth) cast in acrylic
Edition: Edition of 3 similar exemplars

Periscope, 2008
Multimedia installation. The new Boijmans entrance ticket is a letter that determines what item from the museum's collection is being displayed in this gold mobile Periscope.
The letter changes everyday, the text and images projected from the Periscope change equally.
Photographer: Ted Noten, Kees Spruijt and Hans Wilschut
Photographs: courtesy of Atelier Ted Noten

all photographs by Ted Noten | courtesy of: Atelier Ted Noten

The dreamy jewellery of Ted Noten

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