the meeting series

hand painted ants on wall plates strictly for decoration purposes!

plate 01
5 7/8" diameter modern white porcelain saucer.

plate 02
4 7/8" diameter A. Vignaud Limoges, France (from 1938-1970) (gold rims)

plate 03
4 1/2" diameter ‘Japan’ vintage saucer. (gold rims)

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about the designer

Bailey Doesn’t Bark was created so that New York based artist and designer, Re Jin Lee, could share her passion for making art useful. Re Jin has studied art most her life and has been much influenced by the dedication to simplicity and the beautiful works of her mother and artist, Nam. Having studied and worked as a clothing designer and stylist prior to starting Bailey Doesn’t Bark, Re Jin understands the importance of functionality and comfort. When designing the artwork and selecting the wares, the process is much similar as to when selecting fabrics and constructing patterns. It is a balance that has to be carefully thought through for beautiful and functional final products. Currently, Re Jin hand paints her illustrations on delicate, simple and elegant ceramic wares. Her intentions are to expand to a wide variety of products, such as stationeries, clothing and more.

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postscript:  I would also suggest  to read Re Jin's interview at HeartHandmade, a blog where its founder Marichelle features amazing HANDMADE works of independent artists.

The ants meeting by Re Jin Lee

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