Veenman Publishers are pleased to announce the book release of On Display by the Dutch master of still life photography,  Maurice Scheltens.

In "On Display" Maurice Scheltens demonstrates the art of staging and reassembling objects into surreal miniature worlds. His style is playful and highly personalised and his work ranges from art pieces to applied projects and editorial commissions. Rearranged and reedited for this glossy-book, the photographs in On Display represent an overview of Scheltens’s work of the last ten years. Alongside commissions from Vitra and Nike, Fantastic Man and Wallpaper, it also includes work for galleries and museums. An essay by Emily King reflects on Scheltens’s multi-layered constructions and cross-references the worlds of fashion, design, architecture, painting, photography and graphics.

The book will be released on the 14th of November, between 6 - 8 pm, during the Paris Photo at Colette, 213 rue Saint-Honoré, 75001 Paris, Franc

On the occasion of the release Veenman Publishers are offering the book with an exclusive edition print. There is a choice between two images that have a limited edition of 50 each:

Image 1. Hidden Objects, 2006 Image 2. Bouquet IX, 2008

Image 1 : LIVRAISON GARBAGE BAG from the HIDDEN Objects series (2006)

 Image 2  : CUT OUTS Bouquet IX, (2008)


Details print:
240 x 300 mm
Edition 50 each
Printed by Kleurgamma, Amsterdam
Price: € 200,00 (incl. a signed copy of the book, handling and taxes – excl. shipping costs)

Details book:
English edition
Soft cover
160 pages
230 x 325 mm
Full colour
ISBN 9789086901340
Retail price: € 35,00
Publisher: Veenman Publishers, NL
Concept and design:
Mevis & Van Deursen, NL
Text: Emily King, UK
Production and editing:
Frank van der Stok, NL
Printing: Veenman Printers, NL

To order the book or the book + edition go to:

ON DISPLAY by Maurice Scheltens

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