About ABE (Anna Garforth)
Since graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2007 with a BA in graphic design She has worked on various commissioned pieces with clients such as The Ecologist magazine illustrating articles in the wisdom feature and designing a website for fairytale fashion designer Lucy Tammam. She specialises in illustration but also crosses over into design. She has recently formed a creative partnership with Elly Stevens called El&Abe.

El&Abe aims to lift itself off the paper format and into our physical environment, creating accessible artwork and design that relies upon sustainable concepts and methods. Their first collaborative project is called MOSSenger

 MOSSengers descriptions by El&Abe

It seemd as as if writing with moss, represents an unusual synthesis between advanced civilisation and nature. It is a chance for us to speak as individuals and artists, but also to be the spokeperson of organisms which have no voice in our world. We hope that not only words will be noticed, but also the moss itself, put to the forefront through it's sculpting, fashioned into a form we can understand

Our lives in the city steadily progress to a state of disconnection from the life which sustain us. We have stepped outside of our symbiotic role within the biosphere we inhabit, by striving to rule it. We take for granted that we will be sustained, with little knowledge of the complex systems which we rely upon in order to live, and that we are slowly destroying. Agriculture is industrialised, organisms are sanitised and made safe dor humans. Through we depend entirely upon it, we no longer perceive nature as integral to our existance

To provide with the substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition./From Latin natrire "feed, cherish"/To provide for sustain, encourage, nurture, cultivate, strengthen, enrich. We ask people to nourish each other and nourish the ecosystem we inhabit.

The Eco Graffiti

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