House on the Alb Residential house in Wißgolding, Swabian Alb (”the Alb” or “Swabian Alb” is a region in the south of Germany, near Stuttgart, which is characterised by “mountains” (about 1000 m) in comparison Stuttgart is about 290 m) [completion january 2006, gross volume 1.080 m3, gross floor area 328 m2]

Archaic, sparse, sweeping – a subjective view of the untouched landscape of the Alb. The building site, situated on the edge of a trivial building area , was low priced – due to it’s topography hardly suitable for building.
A corpus, enrooted with the earth, stems itself against the hillside. Everything orientates itself to the south. The spatial conception is significant: areas for retreat on the entrance floor for parents and children, a gangway downwards into capaciousness, space for cooking, eating and living with an unobstructed view of the landscape.
An outwardly insulated concrete construction, lime plaster applied with handcraft and a mineral paint coating are expression of a deep connection to the earth; a simple cube in dialog with nature.
Inside plastered walls, oak parquet flooring and white lackered built-in furniture form a frame for family life.

Haus auf der Alb by C18 Architects

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