DIESEL Denim Gallery Aoyama (TOKYO) is presenting the art exhibition "Cadavres Exquis" by Jules Julien
Concept: Tokyo, Kaleidoscope of fashion-a collective search for individuality

Random streets, random individuals- Tokyo draws a catalogue in permanent evolution, a notebook in numerous tendencies and a never finished silhouette. Jules Julien dismembers bodies from fashion pictures, and patches them back together. With those bodies between the individual and the clothing, he questions the part there is between intimacy and parade, the assertiveness and membership of the group, the perpetual movement of fashion and the ephemeral side of life.
In this exhibition Julien gambles with unmasking the fashion victims. The mixture of styles becomes a style in itself; fashion, a collective work.

curator: Kimiko Mitani Woo / MW Company


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Jules Julien at Diesel Denim Gallery

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