.PSLAB, the Beirut based team of 40 architects, designers, engineers and technicians dedicated to light sent us their latest lighting installation for the MAKAM ART Gallery.(Saifi - Beirut Central District Lebanon)

was approached by interior designer Cynthia Zahar for the development of the lighting concept for "MAKAM" art gallery. The 4.5m ceiling high is transversally cut by a set of I beams. The entire space is painted white except for the stone arcade that appears twice, mid-way and towards the end. The space reads as one when looking at it from the outside. "Our aim was to preserve that reading while providing the owner with the required flexibility of light depending on the painting exhibited. Our proposal was to develop a custom made projector that was placed on the centerline between the I beams on a base-plate that can take a bracket with one or two heads. Some plates work as individual points ready for additional projectors while avoiding overloading the ceiling with pre-fixed ones."


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Light installation in MAKAM gallery by .PSLAB

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